Katherine Harris Explains Her Train Wreck of a Campaign

"...God is the one who chooses our rulers."

Thanks for clearing that up Katherine. I was beginning to wonder.

And thanks to Betty Cracker for the inspiration.


Too bad God can't choose a make-up strategy that works for a face like that!
Sweet zombie Jesus, the woman is way more cracked than I thought. I mean, is she really calling herself God? Because she's the one who chose Bush (contrary to the will of the Florida voters, and of America as a whole).

(Okay, maybe she's calling the Supreme Court majority God. There's some ambiguity there. Still: just plain wacky.)
Lew, I'd settle for just a little less blush.

Tom...well perhaps we could just say..."She was a booster!" You know, sort of like the Buddy Christ.
I've looked at all your blogs, and I am having a hard time deciding which one is less popular. I would have to go with the toy soldier one, as that has not had any activity in a month. Nice idea, until it fizzled. Thats the problem with liberals, they can never get anything done on a national level. I don't mind them in local government, but on a national level, well, your toy soldier blog is a good representation.
Good try.
I've looked at all your blogs...

Really? All two of them, huh.

Thats the problem with liberals, they can never get anything done on a national level.

And that my friends is the problem with conservatives (especially. Anomymous Cowards): Too scared of experimentation to get anything done...period (e.g., Bu$hCo) and unwilling to take credit, lest someone blame them for their mistakes.

Who ever did her plastic surgery only lifted one side of her face
Tell me what is up here

Nearly 50 Killed in Iraq Violence
God's about to kick Katherine to the curb. Hallelujah! :)
The only people crazier than Harris are the ones still working on her campaign.
If K H is not the epitome of the republican who has sucked too hard on the GOP crack pipe, I don't know who is.
She is a scary looking woman. Fashiongirl, she's doing the "one side at a time" cut rate surgery. Thinks its more economical.
Fashiongirl, Diva or perhaps just one eyebrow.

Betty, I think she already did it. Katherine is now just trying to figure how to get out of purgatory.

R-bE, there are still people working on her campaign?

WS, not so sure about that. She has always seem to be a little off the reservation to me.
Kvatch, yes, she gets a whole new set of campaign workers every week or so. Last I heard, her staff has to log every phone call they make or receive so she can narrow down where all the leaks are coming from.
is it wrong to pray for someone to be struck by lightening ?

( hmmbad enigma.....)
R-bE, she's so far off the reservation, I suppose she's having a hard time convincing anybody to stay on her campaign.

E4E... It probably is wrong. Though if she stays in the race much longer, the Almighty may need to take a more drastic approach.
Ummm, wasn't that once called absolutism?

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