I'm Sure The Bible Has Something To Say About This

Cavity searches, explosive baby formula, cats and dogs living together and now BEDBUGS! Eeeewwww, the nightmare creatures that most of us can't even remember, and they're back...with a vengeance.

"Goodnight. Don't let the bedbugs bite." We've all heard it, right? But have any of you ever been bitten by one? I haven't. So now imagine waking up to find your sheets teeming with these little blood suckers. AAAAUUUUGGGGHHHH! I'm sure that Pat Robertson is swooning--probably latch onto this latest infestation as if it were a biblical plague, a sign of the second coming. Bedbugs--harbinger of the End Times.


All very well, but I'd like to know who is going to play the Moses part?
Bearing in mind, of course, that the biblical context for the plagues was old Moses and his pals in Egypt.
On second thoughts, you could be right. Pat and his pals seem to take biblical references out of context regularly.
Give Bush time and he'll find some way to link it to alQaeda.
That's the real Al Qaeda plan -- bringing America down by bedbugs.
Pat and his pals seem to take biblical references out of context regularly.

Indeed, look at how Robertson went gaga over Ariel Sharon's coma.

Lew, NbfH, LOL...I can just see it. "My fellow Americans, this bedbug infestation represents a direct attack by our enemies. They hate us for our fluffy mattresses."
When the locusts arrive, we know we're in for it... and old crazy Pat will be there to remind us.
I'm still trying to figure out what I think of this one as well.

What teh ..?
Tina, Pat is like "Clown Shoes" O'Reilly, I just can't live without him. I hope he's still making cracker pronouncements into his dottage.

Michael, I know. Where does a bedbug infestation come from and how the hell do you get rid of them? If it happens to me and they say "DDT" I'm gonna burn the f*cker down, first.
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