I Was Wrong - It's Death Race 2000 In San Francisco

The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that an SUV driver went crazy in the city today and spent over an hour mowing down with pedestrians with his Honda Pilot before he was arrested.

Here's the toll so far:
  • 14 known injuries
  • 7 victims in critical condition
  • 1 fatality
F*CK this makes me angry!!! It's not enough that we have to put up with the inconsiderate, the inattentive, the mornic GODDAMNED CAGERS! Now we've got crazy mother-f*ckers using their 2 ton vehicles as F*CKING WEAPONS!

Enough is goddamned enough! Ban cars in the city not just in downtown. Any cager that gets within a foot of you...stick your camera phone in their face and take the photo to the police! If that doesn't do the trick, jump on their hood and smash it into f*cking scrap metal!


I just heard it on the radio. Horrific.
Holy shit. That's terrible.
As soon as I read that story I thought of you. But don't forget: Cars don't kill people - people kill people.

Absolutely sickening, nauseating and stupendously incomprehensible! Maybe some of that, "keep America safe", budget could be spent at home in improvements for your mental health care!
This is scary! What is going on? Stay safe. Good God!
Is it me, or has the country gotten crazier in the last five years?
I still have friends all over the city (including you of course). Thanks for this. My online Chron would come up for some reason. I've been trying all day to find out what happened.

And no, Lew, it's not you. When I left the city and moved here (Merced), we were a quiet little city. Now it's nuts too; just on a smaller scale.

So, for that matter is Ceres where this guy has an address. It's about 35 miles north of here.
I'm almost afraid to contradict that kind of emotional reaction, Kvatch, but ...

The guy who was killed was in Fremont. Should all driving be banned in Fremont? Or everywhere that cars hits people?

Of course, if driving could be banned anywhere, SF would be a good place. It's pretty compact and has a decent public transportation system.
Thanks for the comments all...normally I would try and answer each one of you, but this subject is consuming me, and I need to get something off my chest.

I am so angry over this that it's making me stupid. When I left my flat to meet the Frogette for dinner, I practically boiled over. First, not one block from home, I practically dared an asshole in a Mustang to run me over. He tried to force a left turn onto a one-way through an intersection with 5 or 6 pedestrians in it. I stood with one foot on his bumper until he hit his horn, then mouthed "Go f*ck yourself!" and flipped him off before crossing.

Later while crossing Filmore Street, when a white BMW SUV blocked the crosswalk at a red, instead of going around I went up to the passenger side and smacked it, hard enough to scare the sh*t out of somebody's wife not hard enough to dent his pretty side panel. I'm lucky the guy didn't get out and beat me senseless with a tire iron.

I feel like I'm under seige. I want to confront every goddamned cager in the street. I want to kick in side panels and scream at every cell-phone wielding moron behind the wheel of a car.

I want some goddamned justice! I want to take away your f*cking cars and melt them down into musical instruments. I want some revenge.
Yes, people are getting crazier faster. Why? I have no idea but I think it might be one more indication that there are too damn many people. Plus people are taking more meds than ever before and who the hell knows what all these meds really do to people. There are more meds than needs, so the pharma people are inventing reasons you need to take their products.

Oops, sorry. Kind of flew off there for a minute. Maybe it's the meds I'm taking.

LOL, no meds taken here. Zip Zero
...prehaps another dittohead just realized the tie between the vehicle they drive and "islamofascism."
I'm so sorry to hear this.

Italy is notorious for its bad drivers so this is a bad example, but your point about banning cars from downtown or the city itself is worthwhile. Rome does this in the central city - only official vehicles and taxis are permitted in. The area is still extremely congested and pedestrians are everywhere, but imagine how much worse it would be if everyone could drive into town?

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