How did it come to this?

Monday morning and again I'm war-riding someone else's connection because, after 4 days, AT&T still can't find the problem with my Internet connectivity. At least at this point they're admitting there IS a problem. They can see it. They can test it. They just don't seem to be able to fix it.

Anyone remember acoustic-coupler modems? Well that's what I've got: 1.6 Kbits per second, or 200 bytes/sec (that's what we would have called 200 baud back in the day). So basically I'm now connected to the Information Superhighway through a straw.

And...It's driving me FRACKING CRAZY!!! Can't get to my bank. (I don't get paper statements anymore.) Can't make reservations for restaurants. (OpenTable) Can't make reservations for a car. (CityCarShare) Can't find phone numbers. (Dusted off the only Yellow Pages I could find only to discover it's from 2003!)

How the f*ck did I become so dependent on the World Wide Wait?


Wish I could you out there, Kvatch. Man you don't think ATT is taking you out for any particular reason do you?

Nah, that would be paranoid.
Man, (frog?) I haven't seen one of those babies since the days I used to go out and cover stories for the press.
Mine was a little more sophisticated, with a foam cradle for the handset.
That helped when I had to call in football results from a phone in a busy, 'aftergame' bar.
I must say I don't envy you...
SA, that thought has never crossed my mind. Never...I swear. [So AT&T? You listening? All those nasty things I've been saying about you...I take 'em all back.]

Cartledge, pretty sad isn't it? Who would have thought that AT&T's High Speed DSL Pro would be as fast as two cups and a string?
www, and to think only a few yrs ago, this would have been just a minor inconvenience in your life. Now, as you say, you find yourself unable to do ANYTHING. I'm not techie (shouldn't even be allowed to type that word), but you've kinda made me glad I've remained such a luddite. small suggestion: pick up a current phone book from your chamber of commerce (I won't mention other ways of procuring one that involve what we used to call kyping) -- D.K.
Dig the rotary phone! We had one just like it when I was eight!
D.K., no truer words. I've had relearn how to use the phonebook for christ's sake! Pretty sad.

Lew, isnt' that cool. I think that my Mom even had one in that particular color.
Getting things done on the internet here hardly seems worth it in the end. The paper backup is always oh, so easy to go back to. Our internet banking is down right now, but it really is no problem. Kind of a hassle but no big deal.

I hope you get sorted out. Phone companies.. don't even get me started! I avoid the local one like the plague. I would never trust my internet connection to Cesky Telecom! Good luck with those old school monopolists. I had a rotary phone too that weighed at least 6 pounds.
It's like the song -- don't know what you got till it's gone....

It is rather strange that it's taking so long. My tin foil antennae are twitching. Of course it couldn't be a problem with the NSA...
Dig the rotary phone! We had one just like it when I was eight!

Lew, *I* was ate before I was 7! lol
Weird - I posted this morning's rant and then checked in with you, and found you were ranting about a similar item. You have my sympathies and empathies, Kvatch.

We had rotary-dial phones up until I was 16. The one in my room was turquoise. I hacked it so it didn't ring so goddamn loud by prying it open with a screwdriver and removing the little brass bells inside. (The phone was hard-wired into the wall, as these things used to be, so you couldn't unplug it when trying to sleep late, as teenagers are wont to do.)

My first modem was 2800 baud. I ran a frankensteined 286 with an orange-phosphor screen with burn-in issues. I navigated gopherspace. Oh, was I ever cool.
Maybe you need to teach your computer to suck harder on that straw, Kvatch...or, perhaps upgrade from the coffee stirer to a swizzle stick.
Dude, err.. Frog! Have they swapped out DSL modems yet? SBC used to HATE doing that, but it ALWAYS solved the kind of problems you've described.

They're simply CHEAP bastards.

BTW, my first modem was 9600 and boy-O did it take time to download po... er,, games and such. {-;

Ask 'em 'bout the modem. I do this for a living and know of which I speak.

Good luck amphibamigo!
Dude, err.. Frog! Have they swapped out DSL modems yet?

Michael, I'm also "in the biz" so to speak, and swapping my little SpeedStream for a spiffy new 2Wire 2700HG was the first thing I tried (after hours on the line with AT&T, of course). Didn't help... But as of early this afternoon my connectivity is back, and I think that I'm going to keep the 2Wire. It's nice to to have the firewall, wireless, DSL modem and router all in one.
Lukku, for me...only the authentic 300 baud acoustic coupler! Used one back in the mid-70's.

WS, if I could teach my computer to do that I'd have patented it and made gazillions. Unfortunately I'm not that smart.

Libby you and the Station Agent had the same idea.
I'm switching over from cable to Verizon's FIOS. . .anyone have any experience with their service?
My PC was down for 1/2 day and I nearly lost my mind. While I was waiting for a tech to come by, I cleaned my apt, caught up on paperwork, etc. then realized I need to stay the hell away from the computer more.

That lasted 2 hours. Now I'm a slave again. Unfortunately, my PC is sort of on the way out.... slooowwwwly dyyyying...
so very true...how did we get so dependent?

i envision them connecting a small computer chip into our temple and optic nerve...with a wink or a nod we can see Fox news

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