Government Ends Funding for Spanish-American War


Maybe next they'll declare victory in Iraq and we can leave there as well.
Awesome, I was sick of that war anyhow. I mean, I expected full anexation of cuba or something with all my luxury phone owning...
Thank God! I thought that shit would never end! Is TR running again next year?
Lew, before we can not fund the Iraq war we're gonna need a luxury tax on something. Suggestions?

Denis, John...what do you guys have against the Spanish-American War? I mean...we won that one didn't we. And John, I'm so with you there, can we get TR in the next election?
So I suppose it is out of the question to make a claim for a long dead sea captain relative who ran the Virginia blockade with cotton?
I had thought it might be a pushover.
Korea, why that ones got plenty a leg left...
My goodness, but I thought FEMA had the worst lag time for functional action....
What about the Trojan War? It's due time we put that legendary tragedy to bed as well...
As well as the current "culture wars" being perpetrated on America by the rightwingers. Can we end the "War on Christmas", please, and also the "War on Drugs"? Or how about war in general? Heh...
I think that Snave's on the right track: Tax any war enough and Congress' will be put under enough pressure to end it one day. :-)
Aaah: "on long-distance service, which had been established in 1898 as a luxury tax on wealthy Americans who owned telephones."

Remember the times when they taxed people who can afford to be taxed? No? Anybody? Hello? Is this thing on?

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