The GOP's New Election Slogan

The entries...outstanding. The judging...strenuous. The bribes...nonexistent! But in the end it came down to just three.

First place goes to Lew Scannon for:
"The GOP, erasing the Constitution, one civil liberty at a time."

Second place goes to Sothis for:
"Be nice to America--or we'll bring democracy to YOUR country"

And a special jury prize to PT Cruiser for working the GOP into his entry:
"(G)od forgave us (O)ur (P)oor behavior, can't you?"

So Lew...what'll it be? Dish it out man. Kvatch can take it.


These are great...I enjoyed the others very much too. Too bad I missed this little party...I was cleaning my pond and the frogs were freaked out. I'm sure they'll be back tommorrow though. I may ask for your help Kvatch if they prove difficult.
So I missed another contest while travelling...sure!
They're all great slogans, and they really do a good job of describing today's GOP. I can't wait to see what Lew has in store for you "bitch," er, Kvatch.
these are so good ... when will the bumper stickers be available? D.K.
Sumo, Elizabeth...we missed you.

Kathy, I'll let you know. Not sure Lew knows yet that he won.

D.K. Ha! Gonna have to work on that.
Geez, I really don't know what to say! They were all such good entries, I honestly didn't expect to win! Thank you, can I get back to you on that?
Thanks, Froggy. That case of Scotch is on its way.
Those are good. I like the one from Sothis quite a bit. Would make a good T-shirt.
Julian, frankly I liked 'em all. In other contests the winner (at least IMHO) has been pretty obvious, but this time it was a hard decision.

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