GOP Campaign Slogan For The Midterms - A Contest

The "surprises" keep piling up: In June it's skyscrapers; In July it's tunnels; In August...airplanes again. But does Bu$hCo get any help from the hype--a bounce from the bluster? Nope! His numbers are weighted down like cement galoshes on a canary. And what does this tell us? Rove has lost his magic, and the GOP is empty of ideas.

But I say, Republicans should look to the opposition. How often has the GOP raided Clinton era policy bins for their best stuff? So my friends, let's help 'em out. What they need is a slogan with which to rally the faithful, and I think we can deliver.

Best slogan gets to make Kvatch his/her bitch for a day. Is it a political poem you want? A pithy paste-up? Template troubles terminated? How about post on a topic of your choosing? Whatever it is...Blognonymous delivers (within bounds of reason, of course). So...bring 'em on!

And my (non-competitive) entry is:

Iraq - It's just a goddamned place on the map!

UPDATED: And we have our winners!


I admit, I'm stealing this from a comment over at Tbogg, but...

"we have nothing to offer but fear itself"
I'm inclined to think the REpubs need to stick to the agenda. First thought waqs - "all you wifey are belong us"
But I can see that might alienate some.
Maybe: Tough Love - you know you want it!
"Don't Make King George ACTUALLY Have To Cross the Rubicon."
Don't Make King George ACTUALLY Have To Cross the Rubicon.

OK...this is why you're the Reality-based Educator, and I'm just a frog. I had to hit Wikipedia for that one. :-)
I thought it might be a little obscure - oh, well. I have my Jesuit education to thank for all this obscure knowledge.
"A little obscure"?! How'd you like judge the contest? ;-)

Let me know.
God forgave us
Poor behavior,

can't you?
"We're not through fixing Clinton's screw-ups yet. And the Dems WILL find a way to re-elect him. You have been warned".
The GOP--Because You Can Only Blow Up the World Once.
"Bush- because you are too naive to interpret the constitution"

"The GOP, erasing the Constitution, one civil liberty at a time."
Democracy..we are shoving it down the throats of the world..while burying it here at home.
ps..there are SO many good ones..jeebus..good luck choosing Kvatch!
"What Would Jeb Do?" -- D.K.
Jesus says if you don't vote for the GOP you're a terrorist.
Okay, what single sentence could synthesize all these disparate GOP talking points...war on terra, gay marriage, liberals, France. Hmmmm. Okay, got it:

Vote for us, or watch Osama flounce down the aisle in pink tulle to wed Saddam in a ceremony officiated by Dominique de Villepin, to be followed by the celebratory firing of dirty bombs.
You want to incite fear among the ranks? Try this slogan:

"Clinton-Dean 2008!"
Warfare NOT Welfare!

Hhmmm... too honest maybe...

How 'bout

Give a man a fish, and he'll eat for a day. And you'll go hungry, so vote Republican, cuz their just aren't enough fish to go around!

Naaahh.. same problem. Perhaps I better read the other comments FIRST on this one.
Oh man! PTCruiser's in the lead by my reckonin'!
Vote Republican or Die
"You haven't been screwed until you have Voted Republican...."

Oh, hell..let's be real.

"You haven't been fucked until you have Voted Republican".

ah....that 's better.....
The GOP-You Can't Have A Rapture Without Us!
Oh, I like Michaelbains' slogan a lot! However, here's my entry:

Vote Republican: It's Not Fascism if We're Doing It.
Vote Republican-Only we can get these motherf@%*ing snakes off this motherf@%*in' plane because we put those motherf@%*ing snakes on that motherf@%*in' plane!

or When honesty doesn't count-vote Republican.
"WWJD? Vote Republican!"
"Be nice to America--or we'll bring democracy to YOUR country*"

*United States and its territories excluded from this offer
Such great slogans you guys! Not going to give away which one's I'm leaning toward, but watch this space. I'll have a winner for you this evening.

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