The DoD Fox Allowed to Guard The Pentagon Henhouse...Again

By now half the blogsphere is covering Congress' admission that they knew that the Pentagon and the FAA were lying to the 9/11 Commission about how they handled the aftermath of 9/11. But are any of us really surprised that the executive tried to cover up their bungled response? Duh! Of course not. What's really at issue is the fact that the Commission didn't refer the matter to the Justice Department, but instead turned things over to the inspectors general of the DoD and DoT for further action.

So perhaps it's really Congress that should be investigated since, once again, they've abrogated their responsibility and are acting like unindicted co-conspirators.


Bungled United States Handling-Bush ADD-ministration.
Impeachment is not just for presidents
Ultimately what this revelation means is perhaps we should question the commission's entire report. I mean if the government was willing to lie about that aspect of the investigation, who knows what else we are being misled about.
Lew, Windspike here's is where the Parliamentary system really shines. You get into a situation like this and BAM...vote of no confidence and the executive and legislative go together. Now such luck for us.

Xsociate, I agree...probably everything. I mean the deceptions just keep coming and coming.

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