"Catch-22" Florida Voter Registration Law Struck Down

Now here's the kind of news we like to hear at Blognonymous. Remember those draconian new voter registration laws in Florida and Ohio? Well Florida 2005-277, Secs. 2 and 7--a damned if you do, damned if you don't set of requirements--designed to put the kabosh on non-partisan voter registration drives, has been struck down.

Just to refresh our memories... This pernicious piece of legislation imposes a $250 fine for each voter registration form submitted more than 10 days after collection, a $500 fine for each form submitted after the deadline, and uses a "strict liability" standard. (i.e., Your office gets wiped out by hurricane Ernesto? Tough!) But what happens if a group gets in trouble and decides not to submit the forms? Well then the fine goes up to $5000 per. Sweet, huh? Political parties are exempted of course.

Now lets hope that Ohio and Ken Blackwell gets the same kind of treatment from the courts.


yes - about fucking time - oh sorry, i swore...

it's just people think they can keep fooling the american public...

but it looks like we have some kick-ass judges out there!!
AZGoddess, I'm sure that there are other states that have similar laws. Ohio and Florida are just the most egregious, but I'm hoping all the others are exposed as well.

As you said, kick ass judges!
Yes- I definitely agree with you guys! Finally some judges are "stepping out on the limb" and actually upholding U.S. law and knocking down fascist law right in the face of these bushpigs.

Thanks for that entry Kvatch.

Fingers crossed that the reptile in Ohio gets his ass handed to him with similar legislation soon and again by defeat in November. He's gotta be getting desperate as we approach September and he's still trailing (solid) by double-digits. And this despite recent Ohio visits by the Snarlin' DarkLord Dick & the monkey-in-a-mansuit. Ohio will be a tough STEAL at this point no matter what. The Republican TV ads are starting to come more frequently- and guess what- ALL NEGATIVE. The mud-slinging is upon us once again and as usual, the Republicans have started it.

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