Bushilizer Bunny

Bushilizer Bunny
It just keeps lying and lying and lying...

(In honor of AT&T finally restoring my Internet connectivity.
It's really hard to upload one's latest pasteup at 160 baud.)


Where do you shove the batteries? And does he/it enjoy the experience?
Great question, cartledge. ;-)
And does he/it enjoy the experience?

I'd think so. Gives you sort of a charge. If you know what I mean.
Newt Gingrinch just declared you an insurgent!
Talking about lies,

St Peter was giving an orientation tour to a new batch of souls that had just entered heaven. He'd taken them far and wide around the place and it was coming toward the end of the day and he took them to the Lie Barn.

As St Peter and the crowd walked in to this immensely huge warehouse like barn that looked more like the Astrodome than any barn was row after row of clock face displays.

Saint Peter explained there was a clock for each person that ever existed as he moved the crowd through the barn. He further explained that each time the person lied it advanced the hands of the clock a minute.

At last they came to the wall near the exit that was reserved for the most prominent among us. And there right near the front of the display was the clock for Mother Teresa. It was still at 1200. She had never told a lie in her life.

They moved a little further along and there was another remarkable clock, President Lincoln's. It had advanced to two minutes after 12:00, amazing.

Finally, the crowd neared President Clinton's clock and it showed he was well past 10:45 approaching 11:00 o'clock. As heaven's newbies passed the snickered and laughed. One of them looking all around finally asked St Peter, hey where is President Bush's clock?

St Peter turned around and said, "Oh Jesus came in one day and took it down himself. He now has it in his office. He is using it for a ceiling fan."
dealing with internet companies sucks. I feel your pain
Newt Gingrinch just declared you an insurgent!

Ron...I can live with that. ;-)

RichM, "ceiling fan," LOL!

Graeme, to AT&T's credit it was the efforts of one of their service techs that did the trick. After checking the lines (and finding that they weren't the problem) he spent 90 minutes on the phone to his superiors--pushed and pushed and pushed to get me switched to an alternate set of IPs and servers. Voila!
How about Bush-iz-a-liar Bunny?
Or George-iz-a-liar Bunny?

Just a thought. Love it either way!
Oh, my. Thanks for the laugh...the only thing that would make this picture better would be a Nine Eleven Monkey in one of his hands being actively choked.
I changed from AT&T "worldnet" years ago, to SBC Global, only to have AT&T buy SBC Global. I'm starting to think I can't escape AT&T, and now I'm pretty sure Shooty McBlasty Cheney is listening in on my calls and reading my email. Does this qualify me for tinfoil hat status, or just anti-anxiety medication?
TPM. I like it! Let's get t-shirts made. We can wear them to Washington D.C., and then get arrested for wearing...what was the word...can't remember--might have been "seditious" slogans.

WS, you're welcome. Wouldn't "flogging" that monkey be more appropriate?

Helen, I know you just can't get away from Ma Bell.

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