Bu$hCo Shutters EPA's Research Libraries

By executive order 15 EPA research libraries will be closed by September 30th of this year. 80 thousand "off-line" documents will be boxed and put into storage. And the public's access to materials in the remaining libraries is to be halted "as soon as possible".

What this means for the EPA is that many of its 134K+ internal request for information, used to support enforcement actions, will go unanswered. What this means for the public is that valuable documentary evidence of pollution and global climate change will be locked away for the foreseeable future. And for polluters? It means that Bu$hCo will be able to easily let them off the hook--can't mount an enforcement action when you've got no evidence.

Guess climate change doesn't exist if you bury the evidence. Though one wonders why Bu$hCo doesn't just go ahead and eliminate the EPA.


I guess denial beats spin, particularly when some corporations are beginning to realise the realities of global warming.
Must be time to close off their sources too.
Though one wonders why Bu$hCo doesn't just go ahead and eliminate the EPA.

Easier just to pull it's teeth out under anasthesia. That way no one notices or makes too big a fuss.
I smell arson, or controlled demolition, in the not-too-distant future.
eliminate is the next step...

baby bush = asshole (this is the second blog i have written this in)

and we can always become 'books' as in farenheith 451....great book - time for a re-read
sorry - that was 'fahrenheit 411'
If Bush shut down the EPA, there'd b no place for political appointments to Bush cronies who need a job where their total incompetence wouldn't be a liability.
Shutting down the EPA is obvious, it gives ammunition to your opponents, a possible rallying-cry to all those damned tree huggers. No, better to keep it open,staff it with morons and keep the public from getting too close.
Hey... that pix you provided for this post looks like the end scene of Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark when they hide the Ark of the Covenant in storage... but for the love of God... can't someone, somewhere be paid to box Bush up in a small crate and shove him in one of those storage facilities?
Though one wonders why Bu$hCo doesn't just go ahead and eliminate the EPA.

Oh, give us time, Froggy. First, of course, we have to wait until the mid-terms pass.
Lew is right. Why shut down the agency when you can staff it with loyal oafs who are happy to take big fat salaries to rubberstamp the White House papers. Somebody has to approve the pollution write offs.
Okay, for some reason the term "loyal oafs" has given me a case of the chuckles.
I usually go with "lickspittle minions," "sock puppets," or (my personal favorite) "flying monkeys."
All, sorry for my absense from the discussion. Been out putting together some work for the next few months.

Thoughtful comments you all had on the EPA issue. I seem to recall that one of our recent presidents did try to eliminate it. Reagan? Bush Sr.? Can't remember, but Bu$hCo has done a pretty good job of neutralizing it nonetheless.

Tina, that picture is from _Raiders of the Lost Ark_. Sums it up pretty well don't you think?
Though one wonders why Bu$hCo doesn't just go ahead and eliminate the EPA.

I would say he's taken a giant first step to exactly that goal.
He put that right-wing woman from New Jersey, what the hell was her name, Christine Todd Whitman, as head of the EPA and I thought she would be a complete disaster, but she resigned to spend more time with her family. I always wondered why she quit, I had suspected she would support anything she was told to support, but she quit. It must have been too distasteful for even her, and I think when she Governor of New Jersey she was hell bent on destroying wetlands for malls.

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