Blognonymous - Part of the Axis of Evil?

Well...after yesterday's fireworks, and owing to the fact that the news today is really boring, I think it's time for some lighter fare. But before I leave the sujbect of TSA and everything that they are doing to protect our flabby asses, I'd just like to the thank the Senate Office of the Seargent at Arms for stopping by yesterday...about an hour after I put up my 'August Surprise' post.


Are you saying you are 'on the grid'?
Oh, you are so evil. Bad frog, bad, bad frog!
Are you saying you are 'on the grid'?

Who knows. I actually get surfed by a lot of government departments DoI, DoJ, IRS, and the US House being the most common. I was just tickled that this one came in so close to the posting time.

Lew, I am...I am a bad frog, and I need to be punished...
Kvatch, I haven't had the Sgt of Arms visit me in awhile, so congrats! You know you're pissing em off when that guy shows up. But this is one of the "governmentmental" stops I received today, according to my stats: Domain Name anl.gov (United States Government)
IP Address 146.137.1.# (Argonne National Laboratory)

They came to look at my post about the UK "shampoo bombers" and how Bush will use this fear as wind beneath his wings.
Here's what the Argonne site says at their home page:
Argonne and partners help biorefineries compete with oil refineries.
Argonne researchers are partnering with industry and other national laboratories to develop biorefineries that compete economically with oil refineries. Argonne is one of five DOE laboratories working to replace 30 percent of today's motor fuel with alternative biofuels by 2030.

Oddly enough, in that post we've been having a discussion about how strange it is that so many of the newly banned substances are petroleum based items and will have to be replaced b/c there is no way in hell we females are going without our lipstick, cover-up, etc. All of that just may add to a real need for petroleum, huh?

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