Blognonymous Down For the Count

Dear friends, at about 9:30 this morning (PDT), the Blognonypad lost it's Internet connectivity. Though I'm war-riding another connection right now, the bandwidth is too slow and flakey for me to do anything of note, and since AT&T has basically told me to go and f*ck myself, I don't know when I'll be able resume posting. (Got to figure out what's wrong first. Probably the DSL modem, but I guess we'll see.)

Please bear with me while I get this issue sorted. Thanks.

- Kvatch


I hate my friggin' ISP!
at least they offered a suggestion to utilise your extra spare time.
I'll take my internet connections intraveniously, thank you very much. Once you go broadband, you never go back. Bigger pipes are better and smaller ones will never do when you've had the big ones.
Again...what Windspike said! Don't ya hate when that happens?
I think we all know what's going on here. There' taking us down, one blog at a time. Stinking powerful telecom-Bushie, symbiotic relationship...
Oh, no! This is bad, real bad. We can't make it without you, Kvatch! Here's hoping things improve soon.
Bet you don't get a discount on this month's bill, either.
Good luck, Kvatch!
Come back, Froggy. Come back...
Is this the beginning of the net neutrality nightmare?
Sounds like a bad case a Amphibian Descrimination.

But it's more likely just imcompetence on the part of an overly large Corp which knows it makes it profit off of volume rather than quality.

Hang in there Frog. You'll be back. I've been through that kinda crap too much, and it always gets cleared up ... eventually.
At least AT&T gave you some good recreational advice for what to do until you get back online.
You could always switch to one of the other dozen or so broadband choices on the market. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha...
Yikes. I hate when that happens. Speedy recovery.
Yikes...hang in there LOC had similiar thing - he had Verizon problems...hang in there , we will be waiting for ya'
those DSL guys are STILL raking your froglegs over the coals??? windspike's correct, broadband's the only way to speed. We finally got cableized last year & I swear, the clouds parted & the sun shined down, the angels sang hallelujah & our computer bloomed frickin roses. Best part was telling SBC to shove it. D.K.
Still down? That sucks. I need a froggy fix!
I feel your AT & T pain Kvatch... I swear since they took over SBC, my service has blown chunks. I went to SBC to get away from AT & T in the first damn place... sigh... damn monopolies.
just surfed on in but i wanted to say - i love this blog, superb job!! (esp kommandos!)

Everyone thanks for all the support.

I'm working on it. I promise--managed to convince AT&T to do a service call without charging me. We'll see if that helps. I'm not holding out much hope because this problem looks like something that they're doing at the PPPoE server, but hey... I'll try anything at this point.
Jarrett...welcome and thanks. This blog's been a little light of late, but I'm going to put up new stuff today...if I can stay connected that is.

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