$500 Billion For Defense And The Shoes Still Come Off

Kvatch is kringing:

The New Yorker notes that US military spending... Is now half a trillion dollars; 40% higher than it was in 2001; Comprising 50% of all discretionary US spending; And more than all other nations spend...combined!

And while we're spending all that money on defense, TSA has made passing our shoes through airport scanners mandatory again--despite the fact that those machines can't detect explosives. Now I ask you, dear readers. Is this news to anyone? DUH!

And while we're on the subject of dumb... Guess which country has the second highest percentage of adults who doubt evolution. You're right! The good old U S of A! Second only to Turkey. Turkey, for pete's sake!

We're doomed.


Turkey? YIkes!
Oh Kvatch... actual airport security is just so post-9/11 and evolutionary science is so Scopes-Monkey Trials... sigh...
but hey! a new poll shows that Christians have a serious porn addiction. Somehow, when people hate science, hate history, hate actual facts, it is not shocking that they would become addicted to one of THE most fake things in the world: PORN.
Funny, but I don't recall the Bible giving porn a thumb's up. But then again, as a Catholic we don't use The King James Bible, so I can't say for sure whether or not their version of the Bible gives porn a thumb's up.
yikes. Spend a ton of money on bombs and believe in sky fairies. scary
Last night on Hardball Chris Matthews asked Mark Green why so many Americans (between 33%-40%) still seem to support the preznit even after all the fuck-ups (the war, Katrina, etc.) Green said "Listen, Chris, 42% of the country believe in demonic possession. Scarborough just said that more people can name the three stooges than Supreme Court justices. We're not talking about the smartest people here."

I think that remark gets it right. we're not talking about the smartest people here. As mencken said, nobody ever went to the poorhouse underestimating the intelligence of the American people. Which is what Rove, Mehlman et al. are counting on in every election cycle.
Oh that is depressing...
Sumo, Graeme, "Yikes" indeed.

Tina, addicted to porn huh. Well...you know, everybody needs something in these difficult times.

Mary, which part? But I tell you what is really depressing...Sumo put in her comment at 1:27 AM. Doesn't that woman ever sleep? (Sumo...I Kid! I KID!)

Rb-E, 42% believe in demonic possession? Outstanding! Rove? Addington? Demons? Sure, why not.
Remember Mount Ararat is supposed to be in Turkey, they have a vested interest in selling the creation story.
But the US? For such a smart country there are sure a lot of dumbasses.
I was in a resonable good mood...now I feel the need to go bang my head on the wall....again....and again...
( hmmm....about what Tina said...great morons hooked on porn, but who don't know the Constitution....no wonder other countries hate us- cause we are stupid...or some of us are....ahem...no one here of course...)
Cartledge, "dumbasses"? More than you know.

E4E, just goes to show...never read Blognonymous in the morning. Save up all my bile for a single shot at the end of the day. (It's sucks being a West Coast blogger anyway. Too hard to be creative for the East Coast crowd late at night.)
I knew were spending close to what the world spends, but didn't know we had inched into the lead. You know the way they plan to keep inching that number up... Research for space wars! Yey! Then, actual space wars! If only we could find some aliens to blow away.
Well, Froggy, the solutions are simple. We need to fly barefoot, and nekked. But we can take our lipstick on the plane. So, butt nekked, barefoot, but with our lipstick on.
Saw on the news tonight that the TSA has a new strategy: walking around airports looking for people who blink too much.
SA, maybe that's why were headed back to the moon. WAR!

Diva, the Frogette says that the right lipstick can change your life. Maybe it can also convince you that you don't need clothes.

Julien, how about frogs who blink sideways?

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