42% of Americans Believe in Demonic Possession

Secretary Rumsfeld addresses the press corps.42% of Bush administration officals admit to being demons.

Coincidence? I don't think so!

(Thanks to the Reality-based Educator for the inspiration and for giving me a chance to finally use this particular paste-up of Rummy!)


Well, I don't believe that these people are possessed! I believe they are the devil itself! Where does that put me?
You do not need to notice that we have demons in the whitehouse. You do not need to tap our phones. You do not have treasonous politicians in your back yard. Go on your way storm trooper...I am not a jedi....
Do you really think 42% of Americans believe that?

Now, the second one I can believe!
ONLY 42% ?!? Seems to me demons are just the flip-side of god & angel belief, so I would've thought it would be much higher.

and, was Mencken the 1st to say "nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people"?? I was always taught it was my distant relative P.T. Barnum (3rd cousin, twice removed, what a name-dropper I am). D.K.
I'm wondering, if I email this as a supposed "news" article to anyone, how soon would it get around the internets and have little old grannies talking about it over tea? How great would that be to be standing in line at the Speedway when Aunt Edna starts telling the clerk all about it. heehee...
I suspect gratis has a good point there. Joe and granny public much prefer a good fantasy to the truth.
'Froggy Rove"
Oh, so now you've got something against demons?

You, sir, are an anti-demite!!!
Julien, only going with what the Rb-E told me, but you know...yup! I buy it.

D.K., true, but if you buy that whole demonic possession thing, then you have to sign up to some fairly nasty corollaries.

WS... Ah, and old republican mind trick.

Diva, probably lumped in with Rex's anti-demites. :-)
Gratis, Cartledge... Be my guest! I love fake news. ;-) Just don't tell them it came from a frog. Everyone knows we're not reputable. 'Bout as trustworthy as Faux News.
So should we have an exorcism in the white house? Hell, I'll kick in bucks to pay the priest if it'll work.
Well Kvatch - I think you are Much More reliable than Faux News...and about what POP said- I would kick in a few bucks for an Exorcism too...
PoP, E4E, Bu$hCo isn't possessed by demons. They are the demons. So...you can't exorcise them. :-) But maybe we could banish them!

Alternately, we could try to exorcise the demons from the 33% of Americans who still think that Bu$hCo is doing a good job. Damn, now where did I put that $300B that I'd need for the job. Oh right I spent it in Iraq. Damn!
I'm thinking we could burn him at the stake or one of those things they used to do with witches.
That picture of Rummy is pretty scary looking. I'm glad it's daytime and I'm not home alone!
That picture of Rummy is pretty scary looking

Isn't it just? I've been waiting a long time for an opportunity to use this one.
Kvatch, you're probably right, and the fact that 42% of Americans believe that scares me more than any possible demons. Except maybe Rumsfeld....

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