"You want to fund the fence using my raise? Nay!"

Though I am usually loathe to quote anything that comes from the Washington Times. This time I can't resist. After voting 83 - 16 in May to support 500 miles of border fence, the Senate reversed course today and killed the plan by voting 71 - 29 to deny funding to the project. And they call the Senate the wiser of the two houses of Congress.

I might also add that if you can't have something ominous and ugly on our border, how about something arty and enigmatic? I'm sure Christo would approve.

Thanks to The Station Agent for digging this one out of the noise.


Ideally, the fence should have monkey presidents painted all over it.
I so see it, Mary. Monkey presidents... in flight suits, doing blow.
give me land, lots of land
and the sunny sky above
Don't fence me in...
Ahhh memories of Gene Audrey.
If the monkey presidents are going to sit there and do blow ( according to the wise commentor above) can we go heave monkey turds at them ? please?....

and yeah, if the Fence is "art" I guess that will be just prescious...what a load...
Having Christo "do" the border is the best damn idea I've heard so far!

Let's try to get the Whitney and the Tate Modern to fund him. It'll be fab.

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