Towers, and Tunnels, and Tubes...Oh My!

The Republican election strategy takes shape, and far from being the "embrace the War on Terror" reported in the MSM, it's turning out to be a June surprise...and a July surprise, and presumably a surprise a month for the rest of the election season. I'll lay odds that next month we'll hear of a "major terrorist plot foiled in the planning stage" on the West Coast. I mean our intrepid Bu$hCo protectors have now managed now to foil plots in our two largest cities, New York and Chicago. Can Los Angeles be far behind?

In the meantime, President Neuman hits the road to bolster the GOP's sagging prospects in the midterms. "It might do me some good," Bush said at a press conference in...wonder of wonders...Chicago.

So here's an idea for his Eminence, how about popping over here to the Left Coast so we can show you some love?


I don't want him anywhere near me. I just listened to his news conference today. Nothing new, just the same old crap over and over. He's still saying that it's all "hard work". If it's so screwin' hard he should quit and let an adult give it a try
Yea, and there a few good ole boys here in Texas that aren't too happy with Home Boy.
PoP, not so me. I'd like just 5 damned minutes of him speaking here in Sodom by the Sea. He'd get a real idea of just exactly how hostile an audience can be.

Worried, I remember when the Kowboy Koward was first elected that an official from the Texas Republican Party said how conflicted they were about it. On the one hand they wanted him to win so that he couldn't do any more damage to Texas. On the other hand they wanted him to lose so that he'd have to stay and clean up the mess he made.
If I was a totally insensitive prick, I would suggest that Bush got it right with 9/11.
These 'miraculous' discoveries are pretty much beyond credibility.
But I'm really a very sensitive, touchy feely sort of bloke, so I won't suggest it.
When he came to our area, I was certain I smelled something like a large elephant fart blowing in the wind - pretty much sums the guy up.
But I'm really a very sensitive, touchy feely sort of bloke, so I won't suggest it.

I can really see that. Thanks for keeping that to yourself. :-)

Mary, I'm still hoping for my opportunity to show Dubya some love. (I a totally platonic I'm right in your face sort of way).
I've got a giant bag of "love" I'd like to toss at the feet of the mighty W, Rove and Co touring machine. I might just light it on fire before setting it there....ha, whom I kidding. They don't like that kind of freedom of expression.
He shows up here in Indiana with some frequency; y'all are invited anytime. Just call first and I'll throw down some extra cots.

It'd be such a nice 'lil surprise for him. . .;)
John...if California were ever in play, we'd probably see Dubya as well, but alas only the Central Valley (or Orange County) ever gets to see the the Kowboy Koward.

Windspike, that wouldn't be a sack of turds for the Turd Blossom? Or we talkin' about something else here. :-)
I saw the flag burners on the tube today...and it struck me odd that as they did their thing (legally) they had bandanas over their faces. Now why I ask? My husband said maybe they didn't want their employers to find out. I said that doesn't matter...its legal...and it would be against the law to fire them for it anyway. If they are going to do that then they have to put a face to the stand they take...I think... or why bother!

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