Plame Sues - Bu$hCo Moves

Washington (f-A-ke. P.) -

In response to the civil suit filed today in U.S. District Court by Valerie Plame, the former CIA agent, against officials of the Bush Administration, lawyers for Karl Rove and I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby announced that they would be seeking an immediate change of venue.
We feel that, with the President's approval numbers in the 30s, our clients have no chance of receiving a fair trial in the continental United States. So we intend to ask that the trial be moved to the US territory of Diego Garcia.
...said Michael "The Eel" Grabowski, of law firm Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe, council for the defendants.

Lawyers for Joseph Wilson and Valerie Plame were not immediately available for comment.

(Thanks to The Station Agent for the inspiration.)


You gotta ask yourself punk, "Do you feel lucky. Well, do ya?"

All I can say is where is George W. Bush in all this? You want to talk deep pockets...
Brilliant leagal strategy frogman. They should hire you man.
damn lawyers...
Unexpected hitch in the defense strategy: Diego Garcia is a US-UK military base, so-- the prosecution will be able to use TORTURE!!!
According to my anonymous source, they initially considered changing the venue to Gitmo. Unfortunately, the jury pool down there is a bit tainted, so they scrapped that idea.
Fashiongirl, Bush might be one of the 10 "unnamed" defendants.

SA, never work. Frogs hate suits.

Mr_Blog, Xsociate, I think the venue thing has legs. They just need to get the trial moved to Crawford, and they're all set. Local Crank can give us the blow by blow.
if only it were true. Maybe in a world where people were held responsible for their actions
That's really funny.
There is no place in this universe where Cheney could get favorable jurists. He reeks of evil and Bush, they'd probably put him to death just like he did the retarded boy in Texas.
I doubt there is anywhere on the planet good enough for them.
not F-A-Ke
Thanks Joe...and welcome.

Cartledge, Mary, you're both right. Maybe at a US military base ;-) , but maybe not even then.

Graeme, on a serious note...I expect that this will get settled out of court.
Diego Garcia? My goodness. Of course they would want the trial to occur on a tropical island with nothing but military bases on it...why not have it at Gitmo so they can find a jury of their peers located in their jail?
kvatch...i said that yesterday on Randi Rhodes, that I didn't think this would go "all the way". Not that I think they are out for cash, I bet this is more about revenge, which they totally deserve.
I imagine Alberto Gonzo will pull out of his "magic tricks bag" something that will put this to a halt, or rather put any adminy official under oath. But Cheney under oath would be a first....
I am sure they wished they could hold this trial in Tahiti, but since Ken Lay is on permanent vacation there, Diego Garcia was the logical choice I am sure.
Shelly...welcome. I agree, Plame and Wilson just want to get things in the open, and you're right that the AG will probably find some way to stop it--official secrets or some such nonsense.

WS, Gitmo wouldn't exactly be a jury of Cheney or Rove's peers, but Libby's? Perhaps, depends on whether or not he's been convicted by then.
Diego Garcia might be a good place to hold the trial, but I'm also thinking they might like to do it at the Cayman Islands. Our corporations already seem to do a lot of business there to avoid taxation, and our corporate political party could move the trial there in an effort to prevent other things, like justice being served.

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