Not All The News Is Bad - Reed Concedes

Dogged by his connections to Jack Abramoff and revelations that he participated in fleecing Native Americans, Ralph Reed lost his bid for the Republican nomination as Georgia's Lt. Governor. Though some are predicting the end of Reed's political career, Blognonymous expects that he'll just ask Jesus for forgiveness and then go back to doing what he does best, misleading conservative Christians into thinking he's a spiritual man while he extracts buku bucks from their wallets. That is, of course, if he doesn't end up in jail first.

Anybody want to take bets on whether we've heard the last of Reed? I'm reminded of when Oliver North lost the a Senate race in Virginia. Didn't stop him. North Popped up on wingnut radio within a year.


That is truly good news in a bad news week.
Fox News commentator.
Wooho! Not exactly a new day dawning, but it made my day.
Sue, Cartledge, good news indeed, but the R-bE may be right and we'll soon the "Reed Report" on Faux News.
I an blissfully ignorant of Fox news. If I never see the Reed Report does than mean it doesn't exist?
The Great One is kind to His people...though I STILL recommend he and Abramoff and DeLay be turned over to the tribes for punishment, in order to save the Federal Government money, of course. Nasgi winigalisda.
The Great One is kind to His people...though I STILL recommend he and Abramoff and DeLay be turned over to the tribes for punishment...

Now that would be cool! How about sending them to a remote island off the Aleutians? In 5 months they'll be eating each other.
What's with those cowboy boots with a suit? He looks like the only riding he ever did was on Brokeback Mountin'.
reed is peed.
More good news preceded this report. The Indian tribes Reed bilked are suing him for fraud. I would think with all that has been revealed so far that should be a pretty easy case to win. It would warm the cockles of my heart (whatever cockles are) to see Reed having to pay $10 million in compensatory damages and say $150 million in punative damages. That would slow his ass down.
I'm sure we have not hear the last of Ralphy Boy Reed. And I look forward to hearing his name called out on several court dockets.
Lew, what? You don't like boots? What kind of unamerican commie are you?

Rich, has Reed actually been indicted on anything criminal yet?
Maybe he could, oh... say... get a date with Katherine Harris and churn out hell-spawn for the dimly lit and under-informed to groom into a kinder, friendlier type of conservative.

Or, perhaps, maybe it is that even God thinks he's a dick. (no offense intended toward any dick-lovers out there)
Tee hee...he's in for it now.
I am glad to read this news. Thanks SO much for posting it!

Although I'm sure he WILL have a future on nut radio or on FOX... I am sure we haven't heard the last of this guy.

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