Minimum Wage Increase and Tax Cuts Linked...

... Will the Democrats use this and move in for the kill? It's clear that House Republicans have no shame. It's clear that they will resort to a cynical ploy, likely to be killed in the Senate, to try and boost their flagging prospects. They'll call this a boon for the American taxpayer and for low income workers. Then, when Democrats vote against it, and they will, Republicans will accuse the Democrats of not really caring about their so-called 'base'.

All of these things are facts.

What is also a fact is that Democrats can turn this to their advantage if they're willing to go on the attack. They need to hammer home the fact that, were they to pass, the tax cuts will benefit the wealthiest Americans many thousands of times more than our nation's poor. As it will be voted down, the Democrats need to hammer home the fact that Republicans are the ones that couldn't care less about the poor. Democrats need to hammer home the fact that this these cuts would be financed by more deficit spending--essentially borrowing from our children to divert money to the wealthy. And what of the 34 Democrats who joined the Republican majority? They need to be identified, named, ostracized, and targeted for defeat in the next primary cycle. There is no room in the Democratic party for the Republicrats who are willing to help with a dodge as transparent as this.

All these things the Democrats can and need to do. The question is...do they have the will?


I say they should pass it, because Republicans don't really want them to. And then, when their base gets pissed off, or the President issues a signing statement saying he's not going to enforce the new wage hike, the asleep masses will finally wake up to what pricks these people are.
what a bunch of greedy bastards. I am sick of them and their crazy voodoo economics.
There are two scenarios:
The Democrats can start focusing heavily on deteriorating economic conditions, highlighting the slide as it will affect middle income workers in particular and low income generally.
The Democrats can do nothing as a party while individual candidates massage their districts.
Either way they will do well, deserve it or not.
If they go off on the Mid East crisis they will probably manage to reduce any potential winning position. International conflict will always be secondary to personal comfort at the ballot box (or terminal).
Class War calls for the rhetoric of class war.
I think Cartledge brings up a good point: "International conflict will always be secondary to personal comfort at the ballot box (or terminal)."

The media is focusing on Israel, Lebanon and Iraq, but the economy is the topic I find myself discussing over and over again with family and friends, especially in my age group - baby boomers. Their is much insecurity about falling/stagnating wages, health insurance, retirement, outsourcing, rising tuition rates, rising utility and gas prices, etc., etc. People are really stuggling to keep their heads above water, and I think that makes the GOP really vulnerable in November.
Calling all spines, Calling all spines...there seems to be some spines needed in the Democractic party...need replacements before Novemeber...and fast.
Kathy, Cartledge...but didn't we all think that local and economic issues would carry the day last November? Didn't work then because the Repulicans were able to turn our their base in a big way on "values". Aren't we likely to see that again?

SA, I'm OK with it.

Windspike, the realy spineless ones are the Dems who voted with the Republicans.
Be patient froggy. It is the economy, just like Bill said.
I takes a few cycles to really hit home, but this should be the one that does it.
Then lucky you, you get a different bunch of...
So they work hard at mixing things up! Let `em mix the poor with the billionaires! Give them a break! Ever had one of their Gin and tonics? Mighty tasty!

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