Kvatch, What's Your Story?

When you have a readership as large as mine, there comes a time when at least one fan poses the question, "Kvatch, what's your story?" (The other lives in his parent's basement in Yonkers and keeps asking me about toad licking...or something like that. I try to ignore him.)

Well dear friends, though I may sound like a eastern liberal elitist frog, I was born a humble tadpole in Mississippi and spent all of my formative years south of the Mason-Dixon line. From Mississippi, the family moved to Florida where we dodged alligators for a few years, and then it was on to Texas, El Paso to be specific, where I remained through the end of my undergraduate career.

El Paso In Its Heyday (1979)

When I was a adolescent amphibian, El Paso was a thriving city that has now, sadly, started to decline. And why do I mention all of this? Well El Paso is where the Ma and Pa Kvatch still live, and it's where I'm headed for a week or so. Consequently, Blognonymous may be a little quieter than usual for a bit, but that's only because yours truly will be out having a rip-roaring good time in the old stomping ground. (Well...as much as one can in a place with no frickin' water!)


Mississippi? The only state to still fly the "Stars and Bars?" How lucky that you got out while the getting was good!

Seriously, have a great time visiting your family.
Good luck and have fun on your frog migration back to the old lily pad. See you when you hop back in the pond.
hope Ma & Pa K turn their A/C on for you (mine in vegas wait til it's 90 INDOORS before flippin it on). aridity is not good for amphibs.

ps, saw An Inconvenient Truth this week & thought of you when Al Gore reached in & plucked that boiling frog to safety! D.K.
Hey there dear Frog...hop over to your Family Pond and stay cool....and yup hope the AC is on for you...Love hearing a bit about Tadpole Past...hope to hear more...
Have a good time in the beautifull, and HOT state of Texas.
I like El Paso. Juarez is a fun place to pick up a bottle or two of good sippin' tequilla....dry, however, very dry for amphibians.

Blog on
You are so modest! You forgot to mention you also were a frogman in the Navy SEALs. Thank you for your service! Also, about that princess who kissed you--how did that work out?
You are so modest! You forgot to mention you also were a frogman in the Navy SEALs. Thank you for your service! Also, about that princess who kissed you--how did that work out?
So your not an aquatic frog... Thank goodness, eh?


Have a great time and relax... Look forward to your return.
I definitely wouldn't have guessed Mississippi! And I love the 1979 photo of El Paso. I'm guessing not much global warming happening there.

Have fun with your family!
Too bad you'll miss Bush's quarterly vacation in Crawford! Try to keep cool!
Just hop, hop, hop on over to Crawford and visit with the Prez...he just loves him some frog. Don't forget to hop back though...
Ahhh wonder. Is there a lot of kvetchin' to be goin' on at a Kvatch family Frog fest?

Don't let that neighbor dry out yer hides amigo and keep it wet an' shady, eh. errr.. Have a great time. {-;
El Paso sure has changed since that picture...have fun!
Enjoy your trip, kvatch!
Saddle up wingman, it's off to Cincinnati St. for you and I...shoot me an e-mail.
Fred...it's already in your gmail inbox. Sent it yesterday.
OK, for everybody else...

Kathy, indeed and I've never been back to Mississippi, but I do need to go someday.

PoP, still around, but just posting less. Got a lot of things to do in this neck-o-the-woods.

D.K., E4E, aircon is on A ALOT, as you can probably guess.

Robert, Elsa, actually El Paso this summer is not as hot as I remember from when I was a kid. Back then 105 to 110 was not uncommon. Today the temperature was a balmy 97.

WS, Juarez is fun, but these days your idea of fun needs to include the danger of getting shot.

Mr_Blog...As the Frogette would no doubt tell you, "You have to kiss a lot of princes before you find your frog."

TPM, yeah that aquatic thing isn't working out too well right now.

Lew, Sumo...unfortunately Crawford is about 700 miles from El Paso. Texas is BIG!

Glenda, Elizabeth...thanks. This is really sort of a working vacation. I'm trying to preserve and digitize the family photos for posterity.

Michael, shady is good. Workin' on that.
I would have never guessed it. I definitely had you pegged as an East Coast kind of guy.

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