Kvatch Kvetches - Please just retire the shuttle!

As I prepare the Kommandos for an Independence Day assault on the halls of commerce, I'm a little short on time to post, but here are some interesting bits...

Another Day, Another Delayed Shuttle Launch
I love the shuttle. Even more than Apollo, for me the shuttle was space flight. I watched every launch from Columbia's first to the Challenger disaster and still tune in occasionally. But it's pretty clear that this program should end. Our shuttles are expensive and flawed, carry to little payload, and have a dismal launch success record. They are not the way forward. So NASA please...retire the shuttle fleet and move on.

Every Sentence a Paragraph
Has anyone noticed that the BBC has developed an allergy to paragraphs? Take this article on the Valencia train crash. Notice anything weird? Like the fact that each paragraph has one, and only one sentence? I feel like I'm reading the BBC as delivered by Western Union.

Better Get Us On the First Try
North Korea is threatening a "devastating" nuclear strike on us if we interfere with their missile test. That's a big boast considering they basically get one shot. Apparently they fuel their rockets with such volatile liquid propellants, they can only do one at a time.


I've never been a shuttle fan. It always seemed overhyped and too dangerous, with those damn tiles and lack of engines on re-entry. To me, it's just a space capsule shaped like a glider.

When a shuttle can take off and land like a 747, that will be a breakthrough.

You're right on target, so to speak, on North Korea. San Franciso must be within their range, so one shot is all they need as far as you're concerned. ;-)
Every Sentence a Paragraph
There is a good reason for this froggy my friend.
It began with narrow column print news. Large block paras in narrow columns are very hard to read.
I was encouraged to write short, stand alone sentences - alas I wasn't a good learner.
Electronic media, even with wider column settings, is far easier to read with short passages and more white (or mottled beige) space.
It's all about the mechanics of sight and the way we read.
Also, I found an interesting headline in the Sydney Morning Herald -
Crack found in Discovery shuttle
That stuff is everywhere now.
I agree about stopping the shuttle...but for different reasons. Not only is it out of date...the money could be spent so much more intelligently in+ better ways in this country...or used for good in other countries. That money would be so much more useful for healthcare in this country as one example off the top of my pointy head.
How much do they spend on the Shuttle program and is Halliburton, KBR, or Exxon involved in any way?
I've never been a shuttle fan.

Abi, you know what was so different about the shuttle? The way it strains against the gantry before leaping into the air. After getting used to Apollo launches the shuttle was such an experience... But I agree with you about the "take off and land like a 747". I see so much potential in the commercial launches. It's an exciting time, no question.

Sumo, I'm not so sure. We've gained so much from the innovations and science of the space program. Though you're right about so many places for the money to be spent, I'd hate to see the space program be put in mothballs.
Cartledge, this is serious, huh? I can see the reasoning behind it, but I think that they're going overboard, and it's making the BBC look a little silly. I use the low graphics version, and I thought that it might be based on that. Apparently not.

Crack found in Discovery shuttle

Everywhere, my friend. Everywhere. Probably should shut 'er down just because of that. Transporting controlled substances over...er...international boundaries.
The space program offers those of us that cannot fathom beyond the urban sprawl- eternity.
froggy, I once had a chief of staff who was a John Bolton lookalike. Given ages I guess Bolton copied my CoS.
Would you argue with a man like that?
If he said sentence paras he got sentence paras.

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