Ken Lay Flees The United States

Aspen (f-A-ke. P.) -

Kenneth Lay, convicted former chairman of the bankrupt Enron Corp. fled the United States today by dying. "Kenny Boy," as he was referred to by President Neuman, was last seen headed for Hell in the company of a tall man with a scythe and two "pointy-headed fellows" wearing red suits.

It is not known if the United States will seek Mr. Lay's extradition.


Such a sympathetic frog! It was rather convenient. Let us hope, inn the great nothingness beyond, there is just a smidgen of justice.
The only immortality available to us humans is in how we are remembered. Kenny Boy will be remembered as an arrogant, greedy thief.

"The evil that men do lives after them;
The good is oft interred with their bones." ~ Will Shakespeare

There won't be very much to inter.
I like to think of Kenny Boy now enjoying a continuous Texas type of heat..without air conditioning..and in perpetuity.
I agree with Cartledge...conspiracy ho ->>>

I think that timing is suspicious. The Houston Chronicle article said that "his heart just gave out...". Oh yeah? I don't buy it! Now there will be no restitution, no punishment (well other than what might come in an afterlife). Whatever's left of his estate will now go directly to his heirs, do not pass the government, do not garnish it for the tens of thousands of Enron employees.

Trust me on this, the death penalty as we administer it is not as painful as the way he died, which I also wrote about. Even though I agree about the timing being very suspicious in a Prison Break sort of way.
I've decided I don't believe it. You need to have a heart to have a heart attack. Ken Lay lacked the necessary equipment.
Debra, probably true, but as I'm against the death penalty, I would still have preferred to see Lay rot in jail for about the next 500 years. I blogged on how I wanted to structure the punishment for Lay and Skilling here.

Knighterrant, you know, I just can't argue with reasoning like that. :-)
My mom is a nurse in a cardiac step down unit (care is given in sequential steps to better ensure post-heart attack/ stroke survival) and there are PLENTY of drugs Lay and/or his "very worried about their inheritance" family members could have obtained very easily that mimic natural heart attacks. Painlessly? Probably not... but having his heart ripped out while beating a la Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom style may, in fact, have been too good for Kenny Boy.
The butler (employed by Duck!) did it to keep him from telling the truth to avoid a longer sentence.

Cleaning up loose ends.
In related news, Grandma Millie was laughing too hard to provide a quote.
Frito Lay!
He may manage to slip through the strong fingers of justice, but only to fall into the pits of hell to await his pals in the W, Rove and Co. May he burn.
Tina... Eeeeeewwwwww! :-)

Debra, well that's the speculation.

Tom, thanks (I think).

WS, Mary, burn he will only then to become Frito Lays, "Crunchy snacks for good little demons".
Oh, I should clarify: I laughed at your post; Grandma Millie was laughing at Ken Lay's death. (Surely everyone here remembers why, right?)
I got him now hahahahahaha! When you make a deal with me I make sure you keep it!
I thought he looked old for his age.
When you make a deal with me I make sure you keep it!

A great deceiver goes to meet The Great Deceiver.

Sumo, hoodwinking 10's of thousands of employees, millions of investors and crushing the ecomony of a state (CA) takes a lot out of ya, I suppose.

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