"If you don't die, how about a play date?"

Israeli girls sign shells intended for Southern Lebanon.

It's really hard to describe how disgusted I am by this. One wonders if these girls know that these bombs may kill little Christian girls, little Muslim girls, in short little girls just like them?

Both Cartledge at Talk About Corruption and James at Genius of Insanity have covered this better than I. Take a look.


I think you caught it well LOL
Now if that doesn't show the insanity of this whole mess, nothing does!
sad, just sad. Delight in death, but perhaps ignorance too, or at least one can hope that is the case.
..and someday these children will grow up to be? Sick.
This is what happens when people think they have god on their side and against the other side.
Cartledge, it is absurd isn't it--the whole notion? It's bad enough when it's done by soldiers, but for civilians, children...makes me what to throw up.

Lew, the R-bE may be right, and the tragedy is that if they really, really believe that God is on their side they'll probably grow up to be fairly well-adjusted. You know, with the exception of not being able to empathize.

Glenda, I think that their parents are pushing them into this. I can't see any other explanation.
I've read that American Troops do this all the time, including painting things like "Take This Up The Ass, Sandnigger"...well, until they were caught and the Army had to tell them that was not real good P.R. in the "hearts & minds" department. But little girls? Sheez...that's low, man.
Dude, that's seriously ill. Wow...
I know soldiers do this but what is the point of having kids do it? And what do they write? Dear Muslims. I hope you die. Love Rebecca?

I'm beyond sad.
what the hell is wrong with these girls, or probably more importantly, their parents?
I love how Americans still view Israelis as the poor unfortunate souls they once were in 1945. I mean come on people they were the Middle East's original terrorists. The murder and oppress on the basis of religion, sound familiar,(I am of course referring to the Nazi's). It's nice that they are teaching a whole new generation that vengence is better than forgiveness.

"When will our consciences grow so tender that we will act to prevent human misery rather than avenge it"
Eleanor Roosevelt
I'm going to post this on all 3 blogs referencing this:

I have a few problems with this post and with the commentary responding.

My first question - What is your source? I can't find this referenced anywhere BUT on these blogs. I've searched and I can't find any reference, on major news outlets or anything else.

Secondly - why sign in english? Israelis tend to be fiercly proud of their nation identity, and I see no reason why they would not be signing in Hebrew unless the whole thing is propaganda - but this leads back to where is the source?

Thirdly - Assuming all of this *IS* real, I have a few points to make.
The first is that this is *NOT* a religious war. Unfortunately everyone just jumps to "the fanatics will kill us all" argument. This war is about land. land and power. Take a look at a map of the middle east and see JUST how small Israel is, and yet peoppel are screaming for them to give up more. The whole gaza strip, they took that over during the 6 day war when multiple arab countries attacked them and Israel kicked their butts! I don't see mexico lobbing bombs at the US asking for new mexico territory be granted back to them!

in this conflict, religion is more of an identifier and is NOT the cause of this conflict. Israel (like america is supposed to be) doesn't care about your religion as long as you aren't hurting anyone else. There are israeli arabs who are in FULL support of their country and are pissed at what the non israeli arabs are doing. Notice ARAB, not muslim.

Israel has created a "jewish state" on the principle that jews have been kicked out of just about every place they have tried to settle throughout history, and now that they are back where they started they are trying to create a safe haven for jews throughout the world. (jews define a group of people NOT just a religion)

Ultimately. THis is a war of Survival. Nothing more.
How sad that Israel indoctrinates young children this way. How does that make them any different from Hitler?
kvatch can i copy this post--hook line and sinker with citations on my blog?
All, please bear with me for a second. I'd like to respond to Ilanna first and then to the other comments.

My first question - What is your source? I can't find this referenced anywhere BUT on these blogs. I've searched and I can't find any reference, on major news outlets or anything else.

I don't know to which article they were attached, but the photos are AP, referenced at news.yahoo.com. Here is a link.

I don't believe that anybody asserts that this conflict is religious, and nobody disputes the right of Israel to defend itself, but as I argued recently war when necessary should be moral, short, targeted, proportional, and defensive. The Israeli respoonse to the Gaza and Lebanon kidnappings is defensive and may be short (we'll know soon enough), but it is not moral, targeted, and proportional. Turning Beriut back into rubble is not proportional nor targeted. A kill ratio of about 50+ for 1 is not moral nor proportional. Depriving Gaza of power by destroying a civilian power station is not necessary.

No one begrudges Israel it's survival. What people are responding to is Olmert going so far overboard in his response that the only possible parallel we can draw is to our own WoT, and you can guess how commenters on Blognonymous feel about that.
Spencer...welcome. Vengence definitely seems to be the order of the day right now.

Kathy, I think that Graeme is right, it's the influence of the parents. I find it hard to believe that little girls wouldn't empathize with their counterparts in Lebanon unless they were under the influence of their parents.

Jay...be my guest!
Moral, short, proprotionate, and defensive. Interesting, and while I can agree with it in theory, it's not a theory I feel can be applied everywhere. (thank you btw for pointing out the reference I did finally find it.) However, if you look back through thousands of years of history, I think that israel is trying to make a point. If your enemy is beaten, then gets up and comes at you again, you eventually have to then beat that enemy so badly that they can no longer do that. I'm not saying i agree with all of it, or that Israel is in the right and everyone else is wrong etc, but I am saying that there are reasons for it. It's similar to the little kid having to make everyone else scared of him so they'll leave him alone. And when you are dealing with any kind of fanatacism unfortunately, you have to be extreme in your fight to survive. . .
Yuck, what a terrible leasson for these kids...

How are they supposed to get along with their neighbors as they grow up with this sort of brain washing type activity?

It's no wonder that place(middle east) is hell. Neither side does anything to stop the cultural hatred...
It all comes down to the occupation of the Palestinian people. Israel can make itself look like a victim all day long, but until the world community holds them responsible for the death of Palestine, nothing will change.
If your enemy is beaten, then gets up and comes at you again, you eventually have to then beat that enemy so badly that they can no longer do that.

OK, following that thought then...had we applied Israeli-style proportionality in Afganistan (a country known to be harboring the terrorists that formulated 9/11 and to a regime demonstratably hostile to the US), then we would have been justified in turning 300 Afgani cities into rubble (1 city for every 10 people killed on 9/11, I'm fudging the numbers a bit...only 7 Israeli soldiers where killed in the initial raid on the outpost). We would have been justified in killing approximately 75,000 individuals of which more than half could be civilians (actually we might have done that).

Just taking the response as I see it to it's logical conclusion. With the exception of the bombing, we're right in line. No wonder we're allies with Israel.
Lebanon has done NOTHING to obey the law and remove Hezzbolah.The selective bombing by Israel is meant to cut off ALL re-supply routes from Iran and Syria.
Lebanon has done NOTHING to obey the law and remove Hezzbolah...

Who are we talking about here? The Lebanese government?

Does anyone in the US or Israeli governments seriously believe that they are strong enough to oust or disarm Hezbollah.

With regard to the bombing...at least half of the reports I've read claim that the bombing is not selective, but setting that aside, one thing is clear, in addition to bombing highway links, ports, and airfields is certainly also bombing power stations and is heavily bombing the souther Beiruit, predominantly shia, suburbs. And neither of those targets has anything to do with Hezbollah. It has to do with forcing the government to act by inflicting hardship on the civillian population, and the death toll among civilians is in the hundreds and rising.
Your blog is great...that's about all I can say as I'm tired and worn out today, but I believe you offer here a most wonderful forum for discussion...and I thank you for that.
I'm glad Iliana showed up. Her reaction is common and shared by folks who still think we're (Israeli, US, Britain...) going about this whole terrorism response in effectively counterproductive ways.

Kvatch, I'd say that you gave sound and sane responses to her legitimate and sane concerns.

Enjoy el Paso!
Where are the adults to tell them "don't do that"?

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