Happy Birth-daaaay Mr. Pres-i-deeeeeent...

There once was a Prez named George Bush
Who's birthday his wife was to push
On donor's who think
He might need a drink
Or perhaps just a smack on the tush

So the RNC's hitting the faithful
With policies some find quite hateful
Bush stirs up the base
While making the case
For November, when they can be grateful

But his sixtieth's gonna go down
As the calm before Bush lost his crown
Cause uppity jurists
And liberal purists
Will give Bush a permanent frown

Happy 60th Mr. President! Can I have one of those smacks?

And...Windspike responds in verse!


That was GREAT! Pulitzer time...
Indeed. Excellent poem.
That poem is the hit of the day! We should send it to him with a bunch of dead flowers and a smashed cake.
that's the froggy we know and... know
Hilarious! And informational...I had no idea this was his birthday.
Physically 60. Mentally 12.
As much as I liked your Happy Birthday poem, Kvatch, it doesn't do for me what Marilyn's rendition did way back when. ;-)
Thanks for the kind words everyone, and Abi if I could deliver the poem in a breathy voice, I would. But it just doesn't come across on the Internet.
Well done, K. I think I'll send Mr. Bush a big honkin' birthday bag o' pretzels.
Happy birthday
Mr. President
but I really wish
you were heaven
rather then hell sent
and bent
On turning our government
Into a mockery
Of what it once meant
and the lives spent
preserving our documents
Protecting freedom and liberty
and very lives of you and me

On the house...
You should have been the poet laureate! Or at least co-authored Calvin Trillin's latest rhyme book on Bush.
Elsa, many thanks for compliment. Unfortunately I think that the require a little more than limericks and haiku for that post. :-)

Windspike...very cool!

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