The Frogette Says: Mississippi Needs Banned Books

The beautiful, talented, as well as civic-minded Frogette sends a link to the Dewey Donation System, a group that is helping Mississippi's Gulf Coast libraries replace collections lost in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina.

Now I know that all of you pack rats out there have flats just filled to the rafters with books that could be doing some good down in Buloxi or Gulfport. So how about donating a banned book today? But if that doesn't resonate, then try the Amazon route. Donate a new book from a library's "Wish List" and the Dewey Donation System gets a small kickback.


Anonymous said...

what is up with this....

Oh...my anonymous FOX News troll. Just goes to show there is no such thing as "bad traffic". Though you might want to get a better computer. Windows 2000 with a crappy 1024x768 monitor? What, don't they pay you?
Oh, I SO don't understand the Fox connection and books.... but I'm daft on a good day, and today's not been so great...

Entire children's sections gone? oh you've hit a personal soap box of mine here, I think we are at over 500 children's titles (book shelves in every room) AND we use the library. Daughter of a librian will do that to you. Children reading is fundamental, esscential, and amazingly fun - especially the banned books ;-)

Thank Frogette for making me aware of this - I'm happy to donate.
Froggy, you wouldn't believe that since my perchant for banned literatur so many years ago, it has all become kosher.
Oh, and in another country - but that's another story.
But you almost inspired me to sit right down and write a ban-worthy tome.
Excellent headsup m' Lady Leaper!
God what a great cause!! thanks so much for the info..kiss the frogette for us :)
Wow, what a timely suggestion! My daughter is doing her biannual cleaning of that toxic waste dump she refers to as her room, and she has many books that are more suitable for a younger child at this point.

Seriously, I have a big stack I was going to see if I could pawn off on some of the neighbors with younger kids. This is perfect! Now I can use this episode to instill some civic virtue in the youngster and acquire more floorspace in Cracker Manor.
Best request I have heard of in a long time via the "internets".
Great idea. Thanks for passing it along!
I SO don't understand the Fox connection and books...

Callooh, that's my Faux News troll. She (he) pops buy every now and then and just posts a random link to a news story that doesn't have a thing to do with what I'm posting on. We had a pretty extensive discussion of Faux News here.
TPM, Dusty, Ms. Cracker, PoP, Glenda...the Frogette says thanks for the thoughts and "You're welcome," for the link.

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