FOX News Declares Blognonymous "Fair and Balanced"

Bet you didn't know that News Corporation is fan of Blognonymous, did you? That my readership is such a desirable demographic that FOX News wants their stories linked here? I'll bet that Rupert Murdoch is reading Blognonymous right now as he spreads some marmite on a cracker.

Well dear readers it's true, and on July 5th my FOX News troll revealed him/herself. You see, normally these annoying comments come in from an anonymous, dead-end domain. But I guess the 5th was a slow news day, and my friend at FOX got sloppy.

So welcome to my vast new readership. Please feel free to pump my traffic stats. Oh...and Rupert--Can I call you Rupert?--about that exclusive deal...I'll have my girl call your girl.



Are you sure it isn't have your call girl call him directly? I am sure Rupert is all over paid for gratification.

No doubt, they were trolling around your location to find add some balance to their lack of fairmindedness.

Blog on brother, blog on all
Hi Frog,


I recently moved my blog to movable type.

In the process someone stole my blogspot URL.

My new URL is


Could you please remove the blogspot URL from your link list? I don't want the asshole who stole my blogspot URL getting any undeserved traffic.

Kvatch my frog, it does not surprise me for a moment that Rupert's minions would visit you excellent blog.
However, I must enlighten you to the fact that it is Vegemite that Rupert spreads so carefully. Not the English muck!
That can either be a compliment or an insult, depending on how you take it. I think your frog should take a fly over to his frog.
[a REAL anonymous, not a foxy one] ... kvatch, now i'm feeling all wierd since i comment anonymous. can i be confused with some fox troll-ass? i looked at your link & am wondering why s/he thought it so important to let you know about facial transplants, esp in response to your peace post? this is all quite new to me & should give pause to any anonycommenter who is just a reader, not a blogger. maybe i should consider becoming an "other"??? D.K.
Glenda, my frogs are farming mosquitos at the moment. Very jealously I might add.
Even so, I am more than willing to risk their wrath and dip out some tasty wrigglers for the frog.
Kvatch, this is quite impressive. I bet you have a hell of an FBI file, too.
Wow Kvatch! I sure hope that FoxSpy didn't get there via a "Fair and Balanced" Google. I think I used that phrase in my comment on the post.

Sorry if I setchya up, buddy. Not my intention at all.

Hhmmm.. Whew! I just looked at the SiteMeter pdf and it appears they already hadya tagged. I'm off the hook! {-;

just give yourself a name...that'll fix the problem...
see anonymous, like that! Just check the "other" box...

Now I'm ooooga boooga
what a trip..it ranks right up there with my hits from the Dept of Justice and the CIA..congrats!
Cool. Keep agitating!!!

Windspike, I did call but said that Mr. Murdoch was out having a face transplant.

Cartledge, Vegemite...marmite, it's all the same to us in the civilized world. We feel about that stuff the way you probably feel about peanut butter. Yeast extract...eeeewwwwww!
Windows 2000? Is that the best they can do at that fancy schmancy place? Really bursts my bubble.
D.K., No chance of being confused, you don't leave links to ridiculous links to Faux news stories.

Ms. Yenta, I am reliably described by my friends as being somewhat to the left of Fidel Castro, so yeah I suppose my file is hefty.

Michael...no worries, this stuff has been going on for a while. There have been at least 4 Faux News comments in the last couple of months.

Dusty, don'tcha just love those .mil and .gov trollers?
Oh hell yeah my fav frog...makes my existance worth it :p
Well, I've never had a troll from Fox News (especially one gunning for rating by talking about facials, but I have a large following in Croatia.
Like your friend at FOX I got sloppy lately too. Thanks for pointing out my error.

I still remember the first time I got a hit from CIA headquarters. I was honored.
Dusty, my favorite is the IRS, and for some reason DoE hits Blognonymous alot. Must be all those rants I do on energy policy.

Lew, Crotia? I get quite a lot of hits from Japan and a few from Korea, but aside from the Praguetwin and Romunov not too many from Europe.

Praguetwin, CIA? Nice. I don't get very many hits from three letter agencies. I'm impressed.
Maybe you could change your blog name to The O'Froggo Factor - make 'em feel at home.
You could be Tom DeLay's Combs on his new Fox News show--Hammertime with Tom DeLay and Kvatch. They could not touch you.
I haven't checked my referrals for the source in a long time. I used to love seeing the DEA read my drug war blog though. And if I recall I think I've had hits from DHS. If they're watching, you gotta figure we're doing something right.
Maybe you could change your blog name to The O'Froggo Factor

Elsa...be careful what you wish for. ;-)

Hammertime with Tom DeLay...

SA, the-F*CK-you-say? You were kidding, right?

Libby, I don't get surfed by law enforcement much--strange considering how many posts I do on privacy. But the cabinet departments...oh hell yeah. DoJ, IRS, DoI, DoE, State, others...
I get visits from all those gov't agencies too. Makes me feel honored as well. And then annoyed. And then paranoid.
I recently discovered the Nuclear Regulatory Commission visited me...I don't know if I should be creeped out... or really creeped out!

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