Feds Show Blognonymous A Little Love

Some days you wonder if anyone is listening. (Not including NSA, of course. They're always listening.) And some days you find out that not only are people listening, but a lot of them work for the US government.

A quick check of Blognonymous' stats for the last 24 hours reveals hits from the U.S. Court system, the IRS, the U.S. House of Representatives...twice (once regarding Speaker Hastert, once about Chet Edwards), FEMA, and the Department of Justice.

Man it's a good thing frogs are too stupid to be paranoid.


I suspect they look at keywords in headlines. So your latest post on FISA & Supreme Court intrigues the US Court System & DOJ. US Rep's (esp Hastert, he's desperate) liked your lotto election ideas. IRS is always looking for unreported income & might have thought you were a secret powerball winner. But FEMA? well, they are responsible for some new Loozianna swamp land & might be looking for few citizen frogs. D.K.
I've had some .gov peeps in my stats too. I just couldn't figure out why the Nuclear Regulatory Commission visited... it creeps me out...sort of. Maybe that means my blog is toxic...yeah...toxic to the administration.
I don't even have stats anymore. At first I looked to see the number of people coming by and that freaked me out and then when I got all the dot gov folks checking in, well, I blew the whole stat thing away. Now I just post on dumb and happy.
Be sure to seem some of that love my way.
Yeah, I'd be real happy knowing the IRS and the DOJ were interested in my blog...

(ominous knock on door)

I'm with mary, no idea who visits and probably better off not knowing. Like I really need one more thing to worry about.

You would think if the Feds were visiting they could at least leave comments.
D.K., right you are...all coming in from searches. FEMA, in particular to a gander at the Massachusettes v. EPA post from a couple of weeks ago.

Mary, PoP, unfortunately I'm addicted to my stats. (How's that for self-involved?) I get a little jolt with each comment, each time I check in and a few more people have surfed by.

Sumo, NRC...cool! I think I got them once for my series of posts on Chernobyl.
Crank, Xsociate, you post 'em I'll link 'em. See if we can get some serious DoJ traffic going your way. But Crank...nobody wants to head down to Texas this time of year, anyway.
I'm getting around 20 US Gov hits a day on the corruption site. When I look at the path they are invariably taking time out to have a peek at Italy's royal Savoy scandal.
It just goes to show, they aren't too busy to take a gossip break.
How come you get all the good survellience stats? What's a blogger got to do to get the Man to crack down on him?
Cartledge, just goes to show you...everybody loves a good scandal. Can't all be politics, right?

SA, I think it has to do with naming. I get about 50 percent of my traffic from search-engines, which (I think) hit on key words in my post's titles. Even if I do say so myself, I'm pretty good at coming up with titles.
Its all in a name-I'm addicted to watching stat traffic too. Most visits are from searches. Same on mine too-and I know my blog aint interesting. Title names get em every time.
Don't let those DoD looksies mess ya up. I take 'em to mean there's a few rational people working in the bureaucracy. Ain't naught to worry 'bout, especially if their coming off Searches.

It's the one's who show up from nowhere and spend a few minutes on a few pages that get me thinkin'. But it's mostly 'bout what to post next. Though POP's got me thinkin' I should start checking comment times 'gainst 'em... Hhmmm... maybe some of us are from those IPs... {-;

Obviously I do dig my stats too. And I get a lot of hits from the Middle East, which makes sense in light of my takes on Islam in particular.

Bloggit Frog! Let 'em read amphibian flavored reality.
Michael, don't get me wrong I wear my "three-letter" hits like a badge of honor! :-)

Robert, one of my favorite posts, "The Conservative Blogger's Manifesto," got linked by ConservativeThink an online conservative journal. So...as you say, it's all in the name.
If they're watching, you're doing something right...

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