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UK's Gas Cooled Nuclear Reactors May Be In Trouble
The Raw Story reports that recently published documents discuss cracks in the cores of 14 of the UK's advanced gas cooled nuclear reactors. Now...those of you who read Blognonymous know that I'm an advocate of nuclear power, and so it's my hope that the UK undertakes a thorough investigation to determine if, in fact, the cracks have a bearing on reactor safety. Nuclear power is too important to humanity's future for UK officials to glibly dismiss the claims while a media storm brews.

My Brothers Are Dying
A disease causing fungus with a 100% mortality rate is sweeping through the world's amphibians, causing mass extinctions among many of our favorite insect eating species. Obviously this is bad news for the environment--a "canary in a coal mine" if you will. Though I suspect that there are some denizens of the Nutsphere that hope yours truly gets infected. Good thing I have health care.

Offshore Drilling Again?!
In the battle to save the environment, the last thing we need to be doing is encouraging more fossil fuel consumption, but since the House cares less about efficiency than they do about padding the pockets of a major donor, Big Oil, it's no wonder they're lifting a ban on offshore drilling that has been in place for 25 years. Tragically this is just a sideshow that will waste money and resources that could be better used elsewhere. California for example, will immediately assert state bans already in place, and the whole circus will end up in court.


I shouldn't be concerned about Britain's nuclear future - Tony has it all in hand.
Blair, we are told, has dismissed the need for endless reports which get in the way of progress.

The amphibian destoying fungus is more of a cancern, certain bloggers not withstanding.
I have a perfect idea to solve the global warming problem: Let's drill for more fossil fuel. Op, no wait, that's been tried before.
Tony has it in hand? OMG, the industry is doomed. Transparency...urggggg...is the key. We need countries with heavy committments to nuclear to lead the way in changing public opinion. Secrecy isn't gonna do it.

WS, well it isn't likely to change anything, but everybody is gonna waste a lot of time on the issue.
A few years ago, all the frogs up in Griffith park allegedly died from a similar disease or fungus. But they are back now! I was near this dug out crater after a rain back in April, and I heard a loud "croak!" and started peering into the cracks in the sand. Sure enough, lil' eyes peeped out at me! There were 3-4 little frogs only about 2 inches long! They were sooooo cuuuuute! so I played with them for a bit until they got annoyed and swam off. They were pale green to dark green. Maybe there is hope for a comeback for your brothers 'n' sisters. I dont' know what happened in Griffith park but I'm happy to say, at least here, they're baaaaaaack!
I am sad to hear about your brothers and sisters :(

Suckiest news I read all day. Long live the aphibians!!!!!

As a cat, I do not see any problems conexisting with amphibians. It's these damn dirty apes that tend to piss me off...
Helen, glad to hear that some of my brothers and sisters are thriving. And Denisdekat...oh sure, I'll be you don't have a problem coexisting, "coexistence" as in with tarter sauce. :-) As for those stinky primates, bloody well ruining things they are.
We seem to have an abundance of toads and tree frogs in Michigan this year. I love the little guys cause they eat all of those nasty bugs I hate so much.

I hope the fungus doesn't make it here, especially since I'm pretty sure they're all uninsured!
apes? apes! what's this negative bias about apes? I may only be a painting, but sheesh....

fungus amoung us - or you - these sorts of things are always frightening, sometimes we never find out if it was a natural extinction or something man-made, your canary in a coal mine. be sure to take your probiotics and vit C.

don't even want to THINK about what Tony has "well in hand" - please don't let it be a reactor....

offshore drilling - great idea! I hear the gulls, otters and other sea life get a real kick outta being coated in oil - gives 'em that slick sheen everyone wants.
That was sarcasm about the nukes I'm guessing.

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