Diebold Election Correction Switch (Patent Pending)

For Immediate Release -

Friends have you ever said to yourself, "That election just didn't go the way I wanted, but what can I really do about it?" Have you ever felt helpless in the face of the Democratic Party's superior numbers? Ever wanted to do your part to contribute to a permanent Republican hegemony?

Well now you can! Introducing the newest Diebold innovation...the Election Correction Switch. Currently being supplied on all Diebold Touchscreen voting machines, this revolutionary device allows you to help the Republican party maintain it's position of power with almost pushbutton ease. Just install a new flash boot device and flip the switch (upper left) and you too can put Jeb Bush, Jenna Bush...hell even Britney Spears into the White House.

Make sure that your voting machine is equipped with this handy election saver. Ask for it by name...the Diebold Election Correction Switch!

Diebold Election Correction Switch


And remember, democracy only works when they control who wins the election!
HAHAHAHAA...geezz you guys are such sore losers...woo..Tell Fred hello..yep lives in the same city as you
Tell Fred hello..yep lives in the same city as you

Well actually not...but since you don't seem to have anything interesting to say on the topic at hand, I wouldn't expect that you'd actually read my previous post about El Paso either.

Please pop back in when voting machines that are as easy to compromise as your PC are a problem for you.
Where can one buy stock! This sounds like my kind of machine!

No! I was never here! No, I wasn't! (*click*) See? I mean, (*click)
Glass is not a good conductor. You really need something which can pass through arounf 2000 volts for a wrong vote.
Umm no I live in the same city as you ..sorry ..yes Fred is a bit up North..I live in good Ole EL Paso...an love the (machines) as they are..for some reason I dont understand the ElPaso voteing machines its like they are only democrat ???..its a communist plot I tell ya
Kvatch, The CA Select Commission on Integrity of Elections held its first hearing today..in my humble county. Diebolds rep was a real wealth of knowledge..

this said with tongue firmly planted in my cheek :p
Caveman... I was raised in El Paso but don't live there anymore.

Dusty, how is the Select Commission related to MacPherson? Advising him? Ad hoc?
I was an observer in the last stolen election and indeed, some touch screen systems came up Bush when the voter cast for Kerry. Those machines were disconnected as the switch wasn't supposed to occur until after the voter accepted the screen (wink, wink).
I just saw this myself. Astounding at how transparent they are about it. They don't care if we know they're cheating us because they figure there's nothing we can do about it while the people they put into office are in control of the government and the media.
Mary...sweet Jesus on a Tricycle! And McPherson insists that these machines have the integrity necessary for fair elections. Sheesh!

Libby, a Diebold rep said straight out last May that they didn't see these design flaws as a problem because of their perception of the work factor involved in exploiting the flaws.
Cool idea...can i get one in green?

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