DHS Has Got Your Back

Just in case you were worried, a new congressional audit shows that DHS has got your back. Especially if what you need from them comes in the form of iPods, designer rain jackets, and beer-making equipment. Just the type of stuff to take the minds of those poor Katrina victims off their troubles. Except...that's not what those things were used for. Doggie booties, you say? Yup, we got yer doggie booties. 2,000 pairs sitting in a warehouse just waiting to outfit the canines assisting with Gulf Coast recovery efforts.

In fact when it comes to recovery DHS is at the forefront. Need to provide emergency housing? No problem! Some DHS issued credit-cards come with a $250,000 limit. Just the thing for acquiring shelter or doing just about anything else that you could conceive of in an emergency. And recovery doesn't stop there, DHS even recovers it's own stuff, like 74 of the 107 laptops, purchased during hurricane Katrina, that subsequently went missing.

Way to go DHS. We all knew that creating all that new bureaucracy would be worth it.


I hadn't heard about the audit. It reminded me of something that happened to a friend that lost everything he owned to the 1995 flood in Elwood, Kansas. FEMA told him their would replace his VCR but not his TV. He told them that if they really wanted to help him the best thing they could do would be stay out of his way so he could rebuild his life.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.
The DHS remind me of Australia’s DEET (Department for the Eradication of Elephant Threat). They employ people, at great cost, to tear up tiny pieces of paper and spread them to the winds.
Don’t argue about results because they will prove there is no longer a threat of wild elephants rampaging in the cities.
It is still a problematic issue in rural areas. (is my voice straight enough?)
Typical government mismanagement. It's New Orleans, but is gumbo on the list? Jambalaya? Etouffe? NOOOOO! And Norm Coleman SHOULD be outraged, because Hot Dish isn't mentioned either.

And beer? BEER! One would expect purchases of NOLA-style Hurricanes. The beer was probably purchased from a Texas company.

I urge an immediate Congressional investigation into this shocking lack of regional sensitivity which, I dare say, may be as important as flag burning and protection of marriage!
I didn't get my iPod! What a gyp!
David...welcome. Good for your friend. Well, OK, bad for him. His attitude is much the same as we have here in Babylon by the Bay: "Well the flat collapsed, but we still have the land." Hope everything worked out for him.

Cartledge, you're not serious? DEET!? I just shot wine through my nose. Don't do that to me while I'm drinking.

Mr_Blog, Norm Coleman is a tool, and he replaced a real Senator to boot. Sad. Though on the beer front there are some very good beers from Texas, along with some really bad ones.

Lew, I didn't get one either. What gives? I didn't have to be in NO did I?
When government employees are packing the equivalent of a Black American Express card, the apocalypse is surely nigh.
It appears we have similar issues to address. Take heart, the State Department seems to have taken the Michael Brown disaster response course and is applying lessons learned to the evacuation of Americans from Lebanon. http://www.tpmmuckraker.com/archives/001164.php It is swell when the decider decides.
Fashiongirl, my understanding is that Black American Express cards come directly from Satan.

Rich, please tell me that the State Deptartment isn't going to use the Black AmEx to get our evacuees spaces on cruise ships for the trip out.

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