Dennis to Place, Emily to Show, Katrina to Win

We tried to make it in good taste. We stayed as far away as we could from hurricane alley in the gulf in Louisiana and Mississippi. The last thing I want to do is profit off of a disaster that happened last year.
These are the words of Mickey Richardson, CEO of BetCRIS an Internet gambling site that allows it's patrons to wager on the timing, number, and destructiveness of...you guessed it, hurricanes. Not like betting on the misery of Floridians isn't in bad freakin' taste. Eh Mickey? Here's a litany for you Frances, Ivan, Jeanne almost a hurricane trifecta from 2004.

Next we'll be able to place bets of plane crashes, terrorist attacks, and American Idol. Oh wait, they did that.


These guys aren't known for their humanitarian outlook. I wouldn't be suprised at anything they'd put up for bets.
They may be slimy, but they are good capitalist pig style republicans no doubt.
dennis was a bit of a slug, but the starting price was good.
Katrina was a shooin, as we say at the track, but lousy price. The bookies really coverd themselves there.
The only problem is, once you know their form they don't show again for years.
I'll put money on BetCRIS to place first in sites I won't visit... Any takers...It is the safest bet in town!
Windspike, TPM, and with a very slick website to boot. I know you're not gonna head over TMP, but take it from me this is operation that knows what's it's doing.

Mary, they've got some stuff that is really out there.

Cartledge, no argument here. Katrina was a category 5 up until 24 hours before landfall and didn't deviate more than 50 miles for her predicted path.
Is there shame to be had anywhere near this?
Well it's nice to know while we Floridians are down here dealing with a bad case of hurricane anxiety, these bastards are getting their yucks and bucks. Send them down here to ride out one of the hurricanes and let's bet whether or not they wet their panties.
In Grag Palast's book he quotes a contractor helping to rebuild N.O. as saying that Dick Cheney is the only man in America that would rather have a hurricane than a blow job.

Have I mentioned that it's quite a good book?
Can we bet on how high George Bush will be wearing his pants by the end of his presidency? Have you noticed how they're riding higher on him every year? Must be do to brush-pulling or something.
REB, isn't that an issue for InPants Security?
Surely protecting the presidential nuts is a major priority.
SA, PoP, I feel for you. I lived in Boca for a couple of years when I was young and experienced one hurricane that cut across Florida. It was horrific.

R-bE, Cartledge...I hadn't noticed that. Is Bush starting to cinch is belt up over his stomach? Those are the kinds of fashion cues that I just don't like associating with the leader of the free world.
froggy, that is twice this week you have caught me flogging uncorroborated stories.
But I’m going to blame you influence for these sad lapses. Still, it is a scary thought and an ugly fashion statement.
I'm with Pissed Off Patricia. As a Gulf Coast Texas native that has weathered a number of hurricanes and ran from many more, I'd like to stake out those bettors and let them ride out the next Katrina or Rita or any of Florida's windy visitors.
Cartledge, I am a bad influence, no question.

Worried, maybe we should make them go to Florida and then bet on whether or not they're able to take it before they exit the state screaming.
You left out Charlie there, an incredibly destructive storm.
That was the one that I was in the most personal danger from, because I was on the road, driving ahead of the storm.
We've had a hurricane pool at work for the past three years, organized by me. And I live in Florida. Gallows humor, I guess. Anyway, last year, the guy who picked Katrina was all ready to donate his proceeds to the Red Cross, and then along came Rita, one of the ones I'd bet on. It had a higher recorded windspeed (our sole criteria for winning), so I took the pot. I felt too guilty to keep it, so I donated it. This year, my money's on Joyce.
Sorry ProgT. I was moving fast and couldn't get data on all the bad ones in 2004 - 2005. Out here on the Left Coast, disaster usually doesn't impress itself on us unless it's measured on points on the Richter Scale.

Ms. Cracker, you're not serious? Though I applaud giving the money to charity, don't you think betting on hurricanes is a little...I don't know...grisly? Course as you said, "gallows humor".
I'm afraid it's true. It evolved from our obsessive radar watching in 2004, when hurricane after hurricane seemed to be barreling straight for us. We started arguing about projected paths, strength, etc. And like everything else in the office, it ended up becoming a wager.

It probably is a bit grisly, but in our defense, we're betting on our own possible destruction, not someone else's. We wouldn't do earthquake or tsunami pools. That would be tacky.

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