Democrats May Have Some Cojones After All

Finally! After the miserable "America Can Do Better" campaign crafted back in March, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee manages to come up with a video that tells it like it is...

Predictably, the Republicans are howling like a little kid with a skinned knee. Seems they can dish it out, with their swift-boating and their crass politicizing of everything from 9/11 to Osama bin Laden, but apparently they can't take it.

Well...F*CK 'EM! This is the type of campaigning we've been waiting for.


About bloody time too!!
Good one.

But I'm still trying to work out what it is about Bill that appeals so much to we Australians.
Cartledge...are you talking about that part showing Clinton at the end? I thought that was very strange. Doesn't sabotage the ad, but it certainly has "looking back" rather than "looking forward" feel. Odd.
Great screen pull, btw - looks like Georgie is crying because someone removed his nose!
That is a really effective ad. It's basically the 'had enough?' campaign we've all been arguing for.
The reiching is all a bunch of spoiled cry babies. Can't take what they dish out...

Perhaps it is because, that in the end, they can' live with their own rationale to cover their immoral deeds.
I guess the Democrats are tired of being called pussies.

No offense to anyone.
Lukku, thanks. There were so many good scenes. It was hard to know which one to use.

Tom, Praguetwin...agreed. I was hoping something like this would be forthcoming. Now the Dems need to tune the debate with specific examples of Bu$hCo failures.

WS, spoiled babies yes, but I don't think they have any problem living with it.
It's apparently okay for the Republicans to politicize the war dead anytime a measure for withdrawal is brought up in Congress. And then they have the audacity to suggest the Democrats will stoop to any low. Everyone knows the low ground has been staked out by the Republicans.
WOO HOO! Good to see testicles can grow at will.

and... "I guess the Democrats are tired of being called pussies.
No offense to anyone."....
...as a woman, calling someone a pussy is not offensive to me. I would have to actually believe that having a vagina or that the vagina itself IS weak. For me, a pussy is one of THE most powerful things in the worls. It not only brings forth new life, it also controls who gets laid.
kvatch, yes - odd I thought, but strangely apealing.
I wonder if his image inspires all the genitalia analogies?
But I agree with tina, hardly an effective insult.
Lew, territory that the Rethuglicans are intimately familiar with.

Tina, SA...cool huh? Who would have thunk it?

Cartledge, I encountered the former President once when I lived in DC. The man has a aura about him, and it is odd.
I love it, and I also love this quote from the DCCC link:

“Our new direction will advance a common agenda, seek common ground, and apply common sense in the service of the common good… we can meet our national challenges in a way that makes our nation stronger.”
-- House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi

Common good, common ground, common sense - Amen!
This is good. "America Needs a New Direction" is as appropriate a slogan as any at this time. Most Americans should find it hard to argue with that statement.
Kathy, agreed that's a good quote, and alliterative too. :-)

Most Americans should find it hard to argue with that statement.

Snave, I think because it's one of those things that's so easy to juxtapose with the horrific images from the War.
okay maybe it's just my computer, but I'm not getting a video, just a radio blurp. not a bad one, but hey really feel by the comments I'm missing something good....
Callooh, try the links for the QuickTime or Windows Media versions.
thanks, I googled and got it....

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