Climate Change - The Global Rise In Temperance

If all of the stories of rising sea levels, hurricanes, famine, plague, and pestilence don't get to you, this will surely hit you where you live. Scientists have determined that global warming may cause America's most productive wine growing regions, California's Napa and Sonoma valleys, to become unsuitable for growing premium grapes. In fact, the United States as a whole may lose as much as 81% of it's wine producing acreage by 2100.

Now if only we could get a study saying that worldwide harvests of hops and barley were going to go down the tubes, then we'd really see some governmental action on climate change. Imagine if Anheuser-Busch had to sharply curtail the production of Budweiser. The howling world would be heard from space.


That out to increase sales.

Good laugh by the way.
I'v been reading up on the history of the El Paso area and was supprised to find out that 100 years ago this place was a lush beautiful vally with some of the best farm land in Texas. This to shall pass.
Might as well stick to beer. Californians can't make wine...
have you ever tasted American macro-brews? They suck too.
Kvatch: The Coors family's GOP connections would have legislation enacted YESTERDAY if hops and barley were to be hit.
And damn! One of my and Hubby's favorite late Friday night habits is picking up some Chinese carry out, a bottle of Beaujolais from California's Beringer, and enjoying both after putting the kiddo to bed.
NOOOOOOOO!!! Do you have a petition for me to sign?? I will!!
Nice site redesign, Kvatch!
Might as well stick to beer. Californians can't make wine...

Oh...and this from a man who's native land can't even spell "Syrah" correctly. ;-)

Tina, you're probably right. Can't choke off the worlds supply of Coors after all.

John, got yer petition right here. I'll send a copy.
Fred, still is the largest pecan producing region in the United States and actually there are a number a farms in the Upper Valley (West Side of the city).

Alicia, wasted a lot of time on the new look. Thanks!
Spell it? We can't even say it!
I'll stick to Shiraz, which is, I might add, supposed to have body, not overtones of water!
I did enjoy a Californian chablis once in my younger days, but I think I bought it for the carafe.
hey, like the new look!

and I would love to see beer prices skyrocket. high oil prices are nothing
'll stick to Shiraz, which is, I might add, supposed to have body, not overtones of water!

I didn't know you could make Shiraz from raisins? Cause what does in Napa is going to do in NSW as well, but hey it'll probably be an improvement over wines with bacon in the finish.

Hey Graeme, welcome back and thanks.
I hope we're not too late with turning it around.
Hey, I resent the remark about Californians not being able to make wine.

Until you have been to small wineries in Healdsburg like Nalle and Rafanelli, please, dont pass judgement.

Yes, I do take it personally. ;)
maybe this is all a plot to bring back prohibition!!!!!
Sumo, Denisdekat...well the wine thing is about a hundred years off, so we've got a little time. Probably improve things in the short term. You know cabernet likes hot dry weather.

Praguetwin, you tell 'em!
PT Did I actually manage 'offensive'?
I must be getting past that subtelty thing I'm told Americans don't understand :)

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