Bloggers Meet, Discuss Important Issues in El Paso Texas

They traveled from opposite ends of the nation. They braved the wilds of the Red States. They endured hardship and isolation. (Kvatch lost his luggage on the way. Fred is putting up with miserable hot El Paso weather.) But in the end two preeminent bloggers of our time, Fred Bieling and Kvatch, met and discussed the future of blogging at Hemingway's in El Paso, Texas.

Here are the photos of this most auspicious meeting:

Thanks Fred for meeting a fellow blogger for a beer!


That's a beautiful thing. Welcome back, Kvatch.
I love the picture you took w/ the young Hemingway and the old Hemingway.
Hey! I don't see no frogs nor bowler hatted dudes in those pics. What gives?
You know, I think if you really looked hard enough, you could have found a darker corner to take that picture in. But the beer looks good!
So it's true--there really are real live bloggers outside of the Bay Area! Amazing!
Glad that you got to meet Fred...isn't it wonderful when you meet someone you have read.

I like this picture too.
Your old home town has been giving me hell ya know...lol

Dude..that is so damn cool! I felt the same way when I attended DemFest in San Diego a couple of weeks ago,they had a bloggers breakfast w/free WiFi, there was about 50-75 bloggers there, all liberals.

I love the Hemingway pic.
Yeah...you guys needed a darker spot to take your photo...it's like...too bright for mortals to see...you know...your brightness and glowiness and stuff because of being a diety and all.
cool pics!

Been out of the blogging fray for a visit with family. Back into the breach shortly. Did you manage to make it across the border to secure some necessary Agave based medicianal liquids?

Michael, we were travelling incognito.

Tom, not only outside the Bay Area but willing to travel. Cool huh?

Fred, that's just God smiting El Paso cause we violated the liberal blogger non-congregation statutes.

WS, me too. El Paso is where the 'rents are from. Was there for a week doing some archiving of the family photos.

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