America Needs a New Democratic Party

Mother puss-bucket!

Those useless, spineless, worthless, cowardly, incoherent, timid, f*cking wastes of genetic material at the DCCC pulled the ad. But...did they do it in response to the Rethuglicans. No sir. It was the criticism of two Democrats, John Spratt (D. SC) and Chet Edwards (D. TX).

I tell you, this is why we can't win elections. This is why we won't f*cking win in November. Because the Democratic Party is made up of gutless buffoons--charlatans who refuse to tell it like it is, and the GOP will be laughing all the way to the ballot box. Man am I glad that when I first posted on this I used the words, "May Have Some Cojones". Apparently, I was wrong.


Your prophetic use of the words "May have" was a brilliant move, especially with an amphibian brain, Froggy. This is why I gave up on these spineless yahoos a long time ago. I'll lie in wait for the revolution. Wake me up when it comes, will ya?
The body politic, universally, needs replacing. I'm just not sure what with.
New parties don't work. If they are succesful the arseholes just move over and take over.
Lots of frog spawn is what we need. Overrun the world with a different species.
PT, you'll..."lie in wait for the revolution," and when it arrives you'll pop out of your hidey hole, shout "Die capitalist--"...I mean..."Hey can I come along?"

Right? :-)

Cartledge, lotteries. (But really, I'm just whoring an old post here, since you commented on this one.)

Frogs will never take over. To many other species that like to eat us.
I'd read somewhere that they were afraid to offend families of the departed...the flag draped coffins to be exact. You're right though...it should stand as a truthful testament of the right. Liked that Mother-Puss-Bucket...I'll have to remember that one.
The families of the departed are generally already offended because they had to sneak their dead loved-ones back into the country! This just plays right into the GOP's "Hide the Attrocities of War from the Public" campaign.
Why do the left hate jews so?
Jordan and Egypt annexed the land that the Syrian nomads SAY they want as a homeland.Weren't they given W.Bank and Gaza by the U.N. before the Arabs ganged up on Israel?And in attempt to put a distance between themselves and their incessant,murderous attackers,had to create a buffer zone.
These two factors,coming long before IRAQ,are the basis of instability in the ME.--Oh--a third--There is the overall hijacked,bastardized sense of jihad,which was originally a positive internal struggle to better one's self.
"Iraq's" influence on the current turmoil is from the threat the mullah/fascist eastablishment FEELS due to their loosening grip on Mesopotamia.Which is kinda what you're saying--"It's OUR Fault"--Well,.....Yeahh!But in a forward moving,peel the layers,sort of way.Not in the sense of some incompetent screw-up!
The instability grew roots with the first attacks against Israel right after its inception and the FAILURE of the international community,at any time since 1948,to ELIMINATE any subversive,insurgent,terrorist group who's aim is to eliminate Israel.
----Your notion would be to kick the can down the road, be a self-serving "peacemaker"-- to try to hold a lid down on a pressure cooker.
LASTLY--find Sen.Dodd's quote criticizing the lack of involvment by Bush,........says Bush sees negotiations as catering to the enemy.
Well,although Bush never says that,personally it would appear as such.All those U.S.administrations,peace talks,etc. over all those years,and the enemy is WHAT???......Stronger and ignoring any past agreements.As long as the groups exist with the goal to eliminate Israel,there can be NO peace.Which,by the way,Israel is in favor of.If only they were left alone.
We Democrats are gonna lose in November because by then we'll be fighting a new war against Iran, and nothing motivates the people more than fear and live bombing footage.
Why do the left hate jews so?

Why do trollers from the Nutsphere immediately head so far off topic that they couldn't find their way back with a map?
That ad was exactly the kind of kickass, tell-it-like-it-is message the Dems need. There was nothing tasteless or offensive about it - just truthful.

I've been hoping against hope that the Dems have just had a temporary shrinkage problem, something like George Costanza's. But now it's apparent that they've had an irreversible Cojonectomy.
Kvatch said...

Frogs will never take over. To many other species that like to eat us.

If they did, we may suddenly find ourselves at war with France.
I think the only reson the put up the ad in the first place is so they could take it down. Then they can point at ads by the other guys that go over the line and say, "Well we took ours down." It's a stupid plan and it won't work.
SA, they couldn't be that stupid, could they?

Abi, I hear you and the whole incident has got me so riled up I'm now gonna have to go and open a can-o-whup-ass on Barbara Boxer for coming out in support of Lieberman.
.....Barbara Boxer for coming out in support of Lieberman.

She didn't. No. Please tell me she didn't.

Might as well throw in the towel now. There really is no hope for the Democrats.

If I recall correctly, footage of flag-draped coffins was a major help in getting the American public to go against the Vietnam war. Also, if I recall correctly, our mainstream media was basically ordered not to show such things this time around, because the administration doesn't want public support for its indefensible invasion of Iraq to diminish.

When people were made aware of what was happening in real, human terms, i.e. our American war dead, public displeasure became strong enough to help bring about an end to America's involvement in Vietnam. When the public isn't being made aware of what is happening in Iraq in real, human terms, i.e. our American war dead, the entire concept of the war becomes less real to Americans, and the whole thing gets kind of pushed into the background where it can be take a back seat to GOP blather about less-important things like anti-gay-marriage and anti-flag-burning amendments. If our minds aren't occupied with real, heart-breaking images of coffins, then our minds can be filled with other stuff of the GOP's choosing.

Our media needs to be a watchdog, not a lapdog. It is not doing an adequate job. Our society is media-oriented, and without the visuals to go with the message, the message often goes in one ear and out the other.

The Dems who created the ad were on the right track in producing an ad that cut to the heart of the matter. Cutting the heart out of the ad leaves us with more of the usual, impotent crap that just makes us look like we are flailing.

Shame on the DCCC, and if Boxer came out in support of Lieberman, then shame on her too. I thought she had more integrity than that...
Snave, Praguetwin, Lieberman, except on the issue of the War, has been a staunch ally of Boxer. They've worked together on a lot of issues. The thing that's got Californians riled up is the fact that Boxer said she'd actually campaign for him in CT.

Here's a pretty good article from the San Jose Mercury News on the issue.

Snave, as far as the DCCC goes...they really blew it. Gutless wimps.
I heard Maxine Waters speak this weekend and she said the same thing. We have to get rid of the incumbents that don't have backbone and support the anti-war platform..

oh yeah..she was leaving to go stump for Lamont after the convention..she blasted the Dems' for that shit too.
Unbelievable. This certainly does make them look gutless. Why didn't they stand up and say this is the reality of war - a reality the GOP wants to hide from America? Instead, the GOP continues to dominate the dialogue and push the Dems around.
Ahh. Well, I just read somewhere that only about a quarter of the Democratic Party claims to be non-believing, as in not being religious. This depresses me almost beyond expression. So the GOP has to placate their crazy-ass fundie base, supposedly the Dems have to look to their non-believers.
Fuck this. There's no God, Jesus, Allah, etc. Nobody can prove they ever existed. Frankly, I think some of us are able to face facts and get on with life without crutches.
And we will be destroyed by all the fucking religious people and their issues.
I have been a considerate, tolerant person all my 55 years, and where has it gotten me? Living here in Seattle, I am in a place with a target on it, largely due to religious bullshit.
Dusty, good for Representative Walters! Time somebody stood up for the right...uh...left platform.

Kathy, one would suspect that the Dems would eventually get tired of being pushed around, but they don't seem to.

Isabelita, Seattle has a target on it cause The Dear Leader (not our Dear Leader) has this thing about lobbing missiles into the Sea of Japan. I live in Babylon by the Bay so I'm hopping those missiles keep right on falling out of the sky, someday though...
Amazing....what you don't see, won't have happened??? Yikes.
Didn't see this story/ad but remember Viet-Nam and, well Death is Death, and if people
aren't willing to face the fact that millions of innocent people continue to die in these
Wars.....Nice to see the Blogs in the Middle east posting photos of what it looks like there.
Amazing to see CNN types telling the public about them. Can't pretend those people haven't died.....
Why are these people (wash) elected anyway??? They can't help us, except to lose what the past people
built for us in their struggles, now another generation will have to fight those fights yet again, Ugh!
Didn't see this story/ad but remember Viet-Nam and, well Death is Death, and if people

Muse, you can probably find this on YouTube or by Googling for "DCCC" many sources grabed the ad's video before it was pulled.

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