All Your Wifi Are Belong To Us

A new proposal by Mike DeWine (R. OH), a Senator who never met a Constitution busting initiative he didn't like, would enshrine in law the kind of data shunt already in existence at AT&T. But rather than being for surveillance during a terrorist investigations, this new proposal would be for law enforcement, the FBI and local authorities, to use during garden variety criminal investigations.

The proposal is lengthy, but some of the highlights include:
  • Expansion of "wiretapping" capabilities to commercial protocols such as IM (Instant Messaging) and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)
  • A removal of the mandate that the DoJ report publicly on the number and type of interceptions that they conduct (In other words government transparency goes out the window.)
  • A mandate that forces telcos to do the work of sifting traffic for various protocols (Defraying an enormous cost burden...for the government.)
  • Expansion of the requirements for "tapping ability" to all hardware capable of doing routing and network address translation
Now this last item is interesting and very dangerous for the average American household. Do you have a hub? Well, if you get DSL or Cable Internet from any of the usual suspects, then they probably supplied you with a wireless router, and guess what...this proposal would essentially make that item a "police-ready" tappable device. Employ encryption to protect your traffic? Use a password to keep people from compromising your network? Doesn't matter. If this law gets passed, the police will be able to decrypt your traffic, or worse disable your encryption, whenever they want (subject to a court order). And with the "sneak and peek" provisions of the Patriot Act, they can tap you for months without informing you, and you won't even know they're doing it.

Had enough? Vote Democrat!


That's pretty horrible, all right. DeWine is vulnerable; here's hoping Sherrod Brown wins in November.
All I can say is that the US government is as mentally deficient as any would be terrorist caught in their trap.
As to the companies, read customers, copping the cost of surveillance – what was that I said about the US government?
Corporations who steal crusts from babies to increase profits are hardly likely to deliver efficient programs for non-income generation activities.
Bloody hell, you should see how they screw up your actual income generating programs.
Oh, they make it look good for thier client, but as long as they are making the bucks nothing else matters, and don’t get between them and that baby's crust!
I am one in the router category...let us hope that this device does NOT live up to its name! :>)
Bastards. F'n bastards.

The F is for Facism...among other things.
All, as most of you know I blog a lot on the topic of government attacks on individual privacy, but this one strikes me as particularly bad.

Having the Feds intercept traffic at the ISP is one thing. If you choose to take matters into your own hands, through encryption, anonymizers, or whatnot that is still your option. But this legislation threatens to take away your ability to protect yourself. It's as if the Feds were saying, "You'll give us the passwords to all of your private online accounts, and if we f*ck it up and give them to the identity thieves, to goddamned bad."

DeWine needs to the be the first to have his identity stolen through his own WiFi.
Republicans are endlessly flattering the old East German Stasi - as in imitation is the sincerest form of.
I really doubt voting democrat would make any difference. They're but the same face on two identical coins.
When did the War on Privacy begin?
Knighterrant...DeWine is an administration mouthpiece. Whatever illegal thing Bu$hCo is doing, DeWine introduces a proposal to make it into law.

Rumonov, you might be right on that score. It was the Clinton administration that wanted to introduce their own required encryption and key-escrow back in the 90s.

PoP...the day Bush took office.
Damn, it gets worse every day. By the time the sheeple get it and get pissed off enough to complain, it will be too late.
As of 6/12/06, Survey USA lists DeWine's Approval/Disapproval ratings at 41%/49%. DeWine's almost at 50% - disapproval!

With any luck (and in Ohio you have to make your own luck0, Sherrod Brown will send DeWine packing into a lobbying firm where he can work with Bob Ney, Bob Taft, and Ken Blackwell on a permanent basis.
Next thing you know they are going to want to tap the communications between your wireless mouse and the computer. Fuckers.
I agree that Democrats wouldn't change anything. They know about all the bushco doings now and don't even react (except for a select brave few).
R-bE, time to show DeWine opponent some love in the form of $$.

Windspike, they already have the ability to do that with a "tap and trace" warrant.

Helen, as I mentioned above, Democrats might make things worse. I suppose the issue is to just unseat DeWine since his opponent could hardly be worse.
you mean they could be "listening" right now?

it all seems so insane, so I guess it must be real. sigh, when did this "war on terror" turn into an "attack on any personal privacy", or has it always been an excuse?

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