The 1000 Lb. Googerilla On Net Neutrality

Google has weighed in on the issue of Net Neutrality and in a way that should make the telcos very, very unhappy. The search-engine giant has basically threatened to file anti-trust complaints against the telcos if they "misuse" the power that Congress is set give them.

So... Google's market cap is about $130B, and let's see the telcos...the telcos...

  AT&T - $108B
  Verizon - $92B
  BellSouth - $66B

Yup that about seals it for me. Google wins.


Can you say, telcos trumped?
It is interesting to note that a corporation is actually taking notice of the positive benefits addressing consumer concerns.
One up to Google!
Google has a huge interest in ensuring that their services get delivered as fast as possible. On the flip side, a Google could go and buy a telco, or perhaps just the telco's trunk intrastructure, if they felt they weren't getting what they wanted. So...though I applaud their initiative in trying to head off the debate, I don't for a second believe that there motivations are anything but enlightened self-interest.

We'll see.
At the very least their self-interest really is enlightened. That's better than most companies can claim.
I'm with kvatch...enlightened self-interest.
But of course froggy old toad! Whatever it takes, I say.
Google Hulk mad! Google Hulk smash!
Zenyenta, Cartledge...I should clarify. Someone does need to fight the telcos on net neutrality and with Google in our court there's a good chance that it can be preserved.

Xsociate... :-) And Google Hulk is growing, like a weed.

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