Well there's a couple of days of my life that I'll never get back.
Still... I kinda like the result.


Introducing the new and improved Blognonymous!

Well new anyway. LOL.

Kudos on the new look.
Cool, I love what you've done with your "pad". :)
Looks great, frogman. Roomy.
Looks great!
Thanks all.

I noticed some problems with how it renders on IE. The tables I'm using for spacing the stuff at the top of the sidebar are overlapping. If anybody sees anything else, please let me know.
Good one froogy. Lays up well in Firefox - IE is buggy, the pending Live version might be a little more capable.
Looks great on Firefox. Are those olives? Great work!
Cartledge, yeah I know. I'm testing on Firefox and Safari. (Does the fact that I've got a PowerBook show?) To switch over to IE I have to drag out my HP.

Sothis, never thought of that. Olives! Nope, because of the right-hand justification in the sidebar, I needed an icon to set off the individual items and just created one. Didn't even occur to me until you mentioned it, and I'm suprised that Patricia didn't pick up on that.
Looks very nice. I like the olives.:P
Nice job, Kvatch. The site looks good on IE except for the small problem you mentioned on the left-hand sidebar near the top.
Looks great!
OK...ok... I give. They're olives! An homage to my favorite libation. :-)

And Kathy (and Gratis)... Thanks!

I'll try and get that IE problem squared away tonight. Didn't realize this but my old template made pretty heavy use of tables for positioning. Wonder how it looked under IE?
Does the fact that I've got a PowerBook show?
The resolution is fine. I just don't understand how anyone can create on a powerbook :)
Very cool indeed. I admired your Kvatch Kommandos so much, I think you should incorporate them some way. As for the olives, I thought they were frog eyes. Well done.
Mary, well the logo for Kommandos Project is in the sidebar. Maybe we (I mean us Kommanders) should consider redoing the Kommandos site. Hadn't thought about that, but we've been using Rex's look and feel for a while now and maybe it's time for a change. This one took me so long though, I think I may need a rest. Did you know that we've got another protest planned for Independence Day?
Snazzy Kvatch...I've been kicking around an upgrade, but haven't dabled much in the way of html codes and the like. I would really love to have a background that looks like an old school slate chalk board and the writing look like chalk - standard white in the text. Any ideas on how to do that?
Looks great in Firefox, as everyone says. I found the overlapping you refer to in Opera. Haven't fired up IE as yet.
It looks good! I tried it out in IE first and noticed the overlaps, so I just switched over to Firfox and no problems at all.
Windspike, the chalkboard should be easy. Using a photograph for a background just takes is a simple template modification. The chalk part is tough unless you can find a good font, but anything that looks like chalk is going to have a pretty large point size.

Ms Yenta, Elsa, I'm going to see if I can get the overlapping problem fixed this evening, but did you see any other problems in Opera?
Just the overlapping of the text in the top left-hand corner in IE.
Yeah, what elsa said!

Great new digs!
Yours looks great!

You forced me to repaint my place. Actually boredom inspired me. I can barely blog I'm so tired of repeating myself.

Thanks for the inspiration.
Helen, Ms. Yenta, Elsa...I think I've got the IE problem solved. Let me know if you're still having trouble.


All better in Opera!

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