Uplifting Quote of the Week

Sometimes all the crap coming from Washington these days just feels overwhelming. Well Blognonymous feels your pain, and so for 24 hours we're going to focus solely on uplifting news that demonstrates how much worse it could be.

Tonight the Frogette, who is infinitely more plugged in to the world of entertainment, turns us on to the reason why, as strange as it might sound, you really should pity Britney Spears -
Additionally, Spears thinks K-Fed is responsible for leaking their private info to the tabloids by telling his friends stuff he knows they'll sell to papers. I'd feign surprise, but this is Kevin Federline we're talking about. She should just be glad he hasn't sold their house for some magic beans or something.
Yes indeed. He's a catch.


Laughing my head of over the magic beans!
Happily unaware of Ms Spears or anything about her life.
Brittany Spears? Never heard of her terrible voice.
"That's 'Britney' with a one 't' and an 'eh' instead of an 'aaa'." :-)

Sumo, yeah that was what caught us. "Magic beans," laughed long and hard over that one.
How wonderfully uplifting, froggy - I think.
But hey! Don't forget 'all the world is a stage, nd all the men and women merely players.'
You wouldn't want to deflate the egos of your great political players; would you?
Some would say she would be better off dating a frog...
Some would say she would be better off dating a frog...

Hey...I resemble that remark! But, as the Frogette likes to point out, "You've got to kiss a lot of princes before you find your frog."
Yes indeed. He's a catch. What, did Britey pick up an STD from him? ;) I can't say I'm surprised.

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