Three Cautionary Couplets on al Zarqawi

Blogger being out all day really puts me off my game.

OK...so here's a thought on al Zarqawi's death, and before any of my Nutsphere trolls accuse me of giving aid and comfort to the enemy, keep in mind that this is a cautionary observation. al Zarqawi was a monster and deserved to die, but without Bush's war there would have been no al Zarqawi; no followers to step into his shoes; and no need for two 500 lb bombs to dispatch him with.

Not by my own hand like those I lead
Dispatched I am with pushbutton ease

My enemy thinks the tide will ebb
My brothers folding...fleeing...dead

But in a land by Bush fresh tilled
Martyrs grow where blood's been spilled

Thanks to The Poetry Man for the inspiration.


That's funny, I found those same lines in my 'Little Book of Bush Verse.'
You don't think he's moonlighting do you?
I've just been trolling around the right-wing blogs. All are sporting gloating posts about the death of this guy, but there's little if any mention of Iraq filling the remaining cabinet posts. To me, that's the big news of the day.

Well, that and #&$^#&$ing Blogger being down.
Sir, while you may say you have no intent on giving aid and comfort to the enemy, your actions indicate otherwise. I mean, poetry? If al Zarqawi's death must be immortalized in prose, might I suggest a limerick?

There once was a man who was feared
For his tactics, his breath, and his beard
Then one night through the calm
Fell a 500-pound bomb
And upon the sand was his body smeared
Okay, Rex... Where's the limerick? :>/
Thank you for the linkage, kvatch... I put your "comment(let)" in the Visitor Submission Zone- the safest place at Poetic Justice... :>)

A comment in the form of a couplet... Hardy har har, matey!
I have no cuplet for that which
Is already awesome prose

But stand aside and let
the garden of hate grow

For it is easy to sow
hate and bread more of those

Terrorists of any stripe
As long as Bush And Co is allowed to go
Hmm... Rummy was sent off on an Asian tour
And suddenly we find out for sure

Zarqawi's whereabouts time and place
so that we could end his days with the human race

Not that this comment needed to be rhymed
But was Donald Rumsfeld biding his time?

Was he awaiting the right moment to spring the trap?
Then found out someone else sprung it behind his back?

So this is what happens when Blogger goes blotto all day...verse pops up in the comments. Excellent work guys.

TPM, my pleasure.

SA, an interesting theory. Got an idea whom it might be?

Abi, you're right, I haven't seen much on the cabinet posts eithers.
Blogger has stunk lately.
Thank you for leading me to this blog. Far more my taste than all the rants of joy fired by hate and vengeance. Ta
Croak...welcome. For this one, we really have The Poetry Man to thank as it was his original that got me to thinking.
Of verse
I'm adverse
to inviting the curse

of those
who do knows
just critiques to impose

for my effort

D'oh! LOL!

'Tis an excellent comment on the event, Sir Frog. I'm pert sure I did to read it at the time. Musta been that damned Blogger's fault I left no immediate reply.

Yah. That's the ticket.


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