The Stressful Life of a Judge

Pity the poor judge--presiding for days...weeks...years over the tribulations, ills, and injustices of society. Admire her/him for leading jurors, witnesses, lawyers, plaintiffs, and defendants through the legal jungle, hacking out the path to justice from the thicket of the law. Grant that anything that can bring joy to the life of the jurist is probably a good thing. Well...almost anything.

Sure the judge who'd use...ummm...an "erectile enhancement device" in the courtroom is probably a taco short of a combo plate, but Blognonymous feels that there are still some unanswered questions here: First, what possessed the main prosecution witness, the court reporter, to allow this to happen...what...15 times before she came forward? Second, "indecent exposure"? From behind the bench? Really frickin' bad judgment, but how exactly is it indecent exposure? Third (and here we quote from the article) -
Prosecutor Richard Smothermon said he would pursue a misdemeanor charge of misuse of state property against Thompson that was separated from the trial before opening statements.
"State property"? Is he kidding?! I can't even comment on this I'm laughing so hard.


I don't quite get this story. This judge was sitting behind the bench and flicking his man tool up and down like a damn flipper on a pinball game? WTF? I thought they gave judges gavels so they'd have something to do with their hands besides the devils work.
pump's "sh-sh" sound . . . that one will stay with me now - thanks!

how on earth did he manage to "get it out" from behind all those robes they wear?
forgive me, but wouldn't it be a little (sorry perhaps the wrong word here) obvious? (oopps wrong word again)

and how is he suppose to think will all the blood in the wrong place? or perhaps decisions have been being made below the bench...
Maybe he got tired of the lawyers wanking endlessly, and decided to get in on the fun.
Abi, and how in the world did the clerk see him?

Callooh, what's my purpose if not to give you images that disturb you fo rthe rest of the day? :-) I think that it must have been under the robes. So the question is how did he get to and from his chambers?

Tom, that's just sick. :-) A whole courtroom filled with the "sh-sh" sound!
This is the funniest story of the day. The judge must have gone bonkers. A sitcom writer could not have improved on this one. Good catch, Kvatch!
Well, I have to say, this beats (so to speak) the judge in Texas who was reprimanded for stripping and cleaning his pistol (his literal pistol) in court, or the one who drew little smiley faces over his "i"'s on death penalty orders.
Thanks Mary. I almost choked when I read it.

LC...eeeewwwwww! Pistols, death penalty orders? Where do you live? Texas? I could make an inappropriate comment here about having a pistor in the courtroom for those death penalty cases (Stalin would probably approve), but I think I won't.
Can't...type...or...speak...still...lmao at abi's observation..."flicking his man tool up and down like a damn flipper on a pinball game?"...It's been days since I laughed that hard...I had to hunt a box of Kleenex to wipe my face. Sh-sh
I only hope I can find a cartoon for this!!
oh my!!! Kvatch!
Lily, Sumo, and of course the guy was from Oklahoma. Go figure.

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