Specter Blusters...Again

Once again Arlen Specter is making a big noise about getting telco executives to testify on the issue of Bu$hCo's illegal surveillance. Unfortunately we see this from the senior Senator from Pennsylvania all too often, like when he threatened to yank NSA's funding as a way to reign in the agency's excesses. And it's too bad Senator Specter can't seem to find his cojones. As Julie O. points out in this excellent article, the telcos are acting like a co-equal branch of government and are in need of some serious correction, subpoena-style.


Oh Arlen... I might actually believe you had a set of balls if you began spelling your name like this : "Spectre".
Maybe "Casper the Castrated Ghost" would be more appropriate.
Tina, like the Xsociate says the man is ghostly, insubstantial--full of words but no action.
Do they ever really mean anything? I think not.
Serious correction indeed!

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