Retroactive Legality, Better Than A Pardon

After months of bluster, threats to subpoena administration officials, threats to curtail or eliminate NSAs funding, it turns out that all we can expect from the Senate Judiciary Committee and it's blowhard chairman, Arlen Specter is a bill that will make all of Bu$hCo's excesses legal.

In fact, the revised "National Security Surveillance Act" (S.2453) won't just bestow retroactive legality on FISA breaches, it will also exempt from criminal liability anyone who illegally spied on Americans as long as they did it at the President's request--the very embodiment of, "...it's legal if the President says so".

Maybe it's time that Senator Specter shut his pie-hole, as he's proven what a worthless administration tool he really is. Who needs presidential pardons when we've got Congress.


It's the magic bullet theory of surveillance legislation. A mid-air twist here, an impossible turn there, and what was clearly illegal is now not.
What! Sputter, choke, cough - this is the pits of hell as far as Bill of Rights go.
Ahhh, the old retrospectivity. Conservatives damn it to hell if it impinges on their games. Their legal beagles love to tangle in the courts about the injustice of the mechanism.
Then when it suits them, they quietly adopt the process to their own ends.
Bastards, I say – the lot of them!
Who needs Congress when we have a unitary executive?
so True or False are we just a squeek away from Martial Law? ..or are we already There ?
We've been there and done that...bought the T-shirt.
Which part? The Amnesty plan, or the fact that 3 service personnel were killed?

Hmmm...and why always Fox news stories? I wonder...

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