Reduce the Juice, Get An Award

File this under supremely ironic.

Art Rosenfeld, a veteran researcher at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories, will receive the prestigious Fermi Award for lifetime contributions to the energy field. Rosenfeld is best known for his comprehensive findings on energy efficiency in the 70s and 80s. Autos, appliances, buildings, and delivery systems all fell under Rosenfeld's scrutiny, and to this day Rosenfeld still champions the cause of energy efficiency -
Rosenfeld also supports placing a tax on SUVs, based on the carbon these vehicles put into the atmosphere. The tax can be coupled with incentive payments to owners of energy efficient cars. Per person, the U.S. still emits more carbon dioxide than other industrialized nations.
We here at Blognonymous couldn't agree more.

The award is ironic in many ways. First Rosenfeld is one of the few remaining graduate students of Enrico Fermi, the award's namesake. Also, the award is issued by the Federal government--this Federal government--by an administration that pays only the slightest lip serv-[ZAP "Ow!" POLITICS, KVATCH, POLITICS]. Ok...ok...I get it.


Rosenfeld is one of the good guys. That means he's probably on somebody's blacklist...
Heheh.. Nicely said.
Thanks michael!

Tom, you are so right. Rosenfeld is truly frickin' admirable. At 79 he's still active on the California Energy Commission and at LBL. When I get to be that age, I hope that I have half as much energy and passion as he does.
A carbon tax? You know what the Resmuglicans will call that: a death tax on dinosaurs.
"Death tax on dinosaurs"--that is brilliant, Mr. Blog.
Mr. Blog...welcome. Perhaps we should lower the Dino inheritance tax? What do dino's inherit, I wonder.
Does that mean there will be an extra tax hitherto unknown when my in-laws pass away?
Just off the top of my head, you couldn't do a death tax on dinosaurs (DTD) without having any living dinosaurs to claim the tax. Moreover, it's more effective for those actually being taxed to be the ones claiming injustice.

The solution is obvious: launch a Project Amber, a federal crash program to clone a tax cut recipient from dinosaur DNA trapped in amber. Michael Crichton, the Ann Coulter of global warming, could serve as Project Director.

In line with Crichton's novel Jurassic Park, Project Amber (named for the President's favorite porn star, Amber Lynn) would extract and propagate DNA through PCR (brother Generik, check my science on this). Frog eggs would be implanted with the DNA, and in a few months the phrase "Republican dinosaur" would no longer be redundant!

Jokes not used in this comment:

-Which came first, the tax cut or the egg?
-Born with a silver spoon in its jaws.
does this include Hummers? the only thing worse on the planet than SUVs.

there is somthing dumbfounding about watching a (blonde) woman (dressed in Talbot's) chatting on her cell phone (with french manicured nails) in an empty SUV in the city. they are everywhere.

and don't get me started on the Hummers....
Mr_Blog...Total non-sequiter. Amber Lynn is the President's favortite porn star?!

Callooh, welcome. I'd bloody well hope that any regs would include Hummers, but remember how they've avoided CAFE so far...clasify them as trucks. Sheeeesh!
Uh... as you'll learn about me, I'm making stuff up more and more, all in the cause of satire (usually the Funny is obvious...). Such is the case with the Amber Lynn reference; I needed to make a joke about "Amber." It probably says more about me. Shoot.
That's ironic, indeed. What a cool guy.

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