Pride In An American Dynasty

In honor of Rex Kramer's "Convert A Hippie Week," Kvatch has once again donned the mantle of unabashed freedom-loving for a post at Spurious George.

The Bush Dynasty


Kvatch - That's GD scary! I hadn't even had my coffee yet!

But you are oh so right in what you say in your post!
That is disgusting froggy! Like opening a page with spiders on it.
Proves once again that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and redinest the term Fugly.
Fugly is right. Wonder if I could get this into Go Fug Yourself.

Cartledge, you mean where the spikers have been smashed between the pages? G.W.'s face sorta looks like it's been smashed. Doesn't it?
Wow...What an alarming image to see!

Leave it to you to freak me out with one innocent click of a link.

Have a great weekend.
Hey Gary, what am I here for if not to jolt your world once in a while? Did you click through to the story at Spurious George? My stuff was good, but Abi's comment is worth the click all by itself.
Jeebus that's disturbing!!!

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