Or Maybe We Could Just Slow The F*ck Down!

From the San Francisco Chronicle -
Automakers could eliminate most rollover accidents and dramatically cut the number of car-crash deaths if they expanded their use of a computerized stability system to all models, an insurance industry-funded group says.
I'll bet they did, but here's simpler notion: If you're doing the kind of driving that puts you at serious risk for a rollover, maybe you should just stop! What? Do you really think you need to hit that clover-leaf at 50 MPH? I DON'T F*CKING THINK SO! Slow down for christ's sake!

I once had an Audi dealer (you know the people who are so big on Quattro All-wheel Drive), tell me "Well most of our customers want the Quattro and the stability control. It's piece of mind." And my dumbfounded response, "Why? Are they doing things with your cars that they shouldn't? Or perhaps you're telling me that you cars are fundamentally unstable?" Dipsh*t!

SLOW DOWN! Your insurance costs will drop. Industry windbags like these will have no reason to increase the cost of your car by thousands, and we'll all breathe a little easier.


Irritating isn't it. Those people are such whores for money.
Ya know, when I see a hummer smash on through red lights at top speed, I wonder why they need them to use on city streets? Is there a reason they make them for city folk? Perhaps they aught not sell such vehicles period?
Sumo, not sure myself how much stability control actually adds to a car dollar wise, but I'm absolutely sure that it's a waste for people who exercise reasonable caution while driving. Also it can't be "zero-cost" in terms of weight, driving down fuel economy. Seems like a scam to me.

WS, know what you mean. In the City, pedestrians are like an endangered species. Maybe if we could stop putting money into horsepower, we could end the insanity that is driving in America. I mean who really thinks that driving on one of our crummy highways at anything over 80 is a good idea?
But if I slow down, I might miss the beginning of So You Think You Can Dance
Lew if you're rushing home to watch So You Think You Can Dance then you really...really...REALLY need to slow down. Imagine if you rolled your car and were stuck there thinking to yourself that it happened because of that piece-o-sh*t!
ya know those SUVs have the highest roll over rates - weight distribution's so high up - please let there be some natural selection in there....

perhaps they should have some sort of IQ test for city dwellers that buy them.
Over 80 on one of our highways is suicide...but hey, maybe we can get a presidential motorcade to block traffic and do just that...
Under 80 on one of our highways is suicide here in New York...

Under 80 on one of our highways is suicide here in New York...

Until you hit that pothole... :-(
Driving slower has another benefit besides reducing your chance of a rollover: Better gas mileage.

Of course, no one makes any money off that idea.
Hey, we already have a two-tiered speed limit in a lot of places--trucks have a limit about 10 mph lower than cars. If SUVs get the 'light truck' CAFE exemption, then they should be subject to the truck speed limit.
Well said Kathy. For starters, we could take the top-end of all of those hybrids that are milking the tech for horsepower and plow it back into milage.

Tom...that's brilliant, simple and defensible. Call the DoE!
Slow the fuck down AND get rid of car alarms! They serve NO PURPOSE except noise pollution. They don't do any good. GODDAMN CAR ALARMS!!

Sorry... I have huge issues with car alarms. ANd no, I don't have one.
Helen Wheels: car alarms are on my list of top 10 things I would ban if I ran the zoo, behind cell phones and ahead of golf. ;-)

Kvatch, hope you don't mind--I converted my comment into a post. Plagiarizing myself again...
Tom, not at all. Most of my best stuff starts as comments on other blogs. When you've only got 5 brain cells, you have to rely on others to get those little wheels turning.

I read your post with pleasure and thank you for the link.

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