No More Nukes

Following the annoucement of Michael Gerson's resignation, liberal commentator Kvatch Kopf asked the former Bush administration speech writer about the real reason for his departure -
Well Kvatch, there were many reasons, but if I had to point to just one thing, it would probably be the fact that I didn't want to have to write the word nukuler into a speech ever again.


One door closes, and another one opens...

You should apply for Gerson's old job!
lol..you are too much froggy.
Has anyone's word been more misunderstood than this guy's?
RB, eek can you imagine me as Bush's speechwriter..."My fellow Americans...tonight I want to te-tel-to tell you that I'M A F*CKING LUNATIC! I WANT TO PULL THE MONEY FROM YOU CHILDREN'T PIGGY BANKS AND GIVE IT TO HALLIBURTON! BWAAAAAAA-AAAAAA-HAAAAAAA!!"
I already warned you about those extra 3 brain cells...
the thing is... he'd likely read it - working with two only occasionally connected brain cells himself.

I especially like the BWAAAAAAA-AAAAAA-HAAAAAAA!!
Very funny :D
I wonder if everyone is congratulating him on leaving his job.
I think they had a little send-off for him. You know--like when they send the card around in the manila envelope for everyone to sign. And the cake. And the really uncomfortable silence.
Damn. I'm going to miss "nukuler".
I wonder if everyone is congratulating him on leaving his job.

Well PT, I think that a "key intellectual architect of the Bush presidency," can probably do better than being a speechwriter for a imbecile.

Sothis...me too.
What, he's not looking forward to spending more time with his family? Is he anti-family or something???

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