New car or toxic waste dump?

You that "new car smell" that we all wonder about? Well turns out that it's gases released from the plastics. Not so surprising really when you think about it, but what may be more surprising is the composition: Xylenes, Ethylhexanol, Toulene, TXIB (2,2,4-trimethyl-1,3 pentanediol di-isobutyrate--makes polyvinyl chlorides more flexible), a veritable witch's brew of chemicals, and due to the closed environment the concentrations are 5 to 10 times what you'd find in your home.

So you want to find a less toxic alternative? Think European, not Japanese and not American. The best alternative you've got is...da-du-du-DA...a Volvo! Trust the Swedes to make a less toxic, greener car. And it looks like Volvo's parent Ford may be following their example.


Ick. Pretty disgusting. But not altogether surprising. If only I could afford a Volvo...
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So Volvo drivers aren't exposed to those chemicals? Huh. Must be something in the chemicals that makes people better drivers, because Volvistas are the worst.
MMM...that new car smell. Smells like....death.
Gross. We hit some of the same stuff.

Anon, yep seems that way. I like your turn of phrase though.
What a coincidence. My partner just got a Volvo and the sales guy talked about this very thing. He said that Volvo was the least toxic. I think he said said that it is the least allergic to me or something like that. We didn't think much of it at the time, but now you have confirmed he was telling the truth - nice change of pace. Just kidding - the sales guy was actually very good.

BTW, Dick is a good driver, even though he drives a Volvo :-) I didn't realize Volvo drivers had that reputation.
That's what I thought. I never understood why people loved that new-car smell - it just alwyas smelled like plastic to me.
BTW, Dick is a good driver, even though he drives a Volvo :-) I didn't realize Volvo drivers had that reputation.

Elsa, Tom. Volvo drivers must be euphoric from not being exposed to all those toxins--driving in a "happy-haze"!

Mags...OMG! You've hit on it. They hook us like it's a drug--don't mind that it'll kill you, kiddies. Just another reason for me to be glad that I don't own a car.
But I LOVE new car smell! Come to think of it, I like a lot of toxic smells: Gasoline, oil-based paint, turpentine. What is wrong with me? If I were a cat, I guess I'd one of those who hang out underneath cars sniffing the tailpipes.

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