Luddites Endanger Cell Phone Market

I'm not a luddite--well ok maybe with respect cell phones I am--but it looks like a lot of people feel the way I do. I mean really...do you need your cell phone for anything other than making calls? Maybe it should store some contact information, and sure...syncing with your computer is nice, but other than that? Come on... And so, in that spirit we present:

Blognonymous' Top 5 Stupid Things Cell Phones Do -

5 - Play Games
Who's the dorkiest person the bus? The one playing Tetris on his cell phone.

4 - Send Text Messages
For people who are allergic to punctuation

3 - Play Music
And now the latest from Radiohead...as heard through a 1 foot steel tube welded to one ear (Oh wait, Radiohead always sounds like that.)

2 - Take Pictures
Yes indeed, I sure do love to see a blurry, postage-stamp sized image of your recent trip to see the Giants lose.

1 - Surf the Internet
Can you say "adventures in scrolling"?


Take Pictures
I hate telephones, but then I rarely need to worry with a couple of teenager around to absorb the evil implements attention.
But the picture! As an intrepid corruption hunter I’m fascinated by the growing number of juicy exposures emanating from cell phone pictures.
This method has opened a whole new path of corruption revelations.
I am not a phoney person...nor am I a phone person...The varying ringtones alone make me want to grab the nearest (pick your tune) phone and hurl it!
As for texts, I love them. I am a male. When I contact other males (male-to-male communication or MTMC) the phone call lasts approximately 30 seconds. It's usually "when? what bar? OK". Texts take care of all that.
I never even tried to text. Not going to either. Got to put that foot down somewhere.
ok you snark:p let me just tell ya..I want a camera phone and some of them do take decent pics but its not a required item..

but the music..I listen to my Ipod in the car via the attachment that goes into my tapedeck,plus I like to listen to music while I wait inline via ear buds. I just like music period...so I want to checkout the newest phones that deliver tunes when my contract ends this month..

That...does not make me a bad person..it means I can carry one less thing if my phone can play tunes.
Cartledge, Dusty...camera-phone bah! If I'm going to capture corruption, I want to get it in magnificent hi-def, 5M pixel spendour!

TPM, totally agree! Every time hear some stupid ringtone I want to smack the recipient.

CopyE...MTMC! :-)

SA, me too. Too fumble-fingered for much texting.
Good to know I'm not alone. I still have a phone with a cord (gasp!!). I'm never interrupted when I dine out When I step out to relax I can actually relax.

Besides, I need reading glasses, a cell phone looks to me like a small grey blob with vague glowing thingies. It strikes me as insane to have to scramble for my glasses just to the answer the phone and talk.
If I had a cell phone, I would use it to text only. A lot cheaper than phoning someone.
I don't have a landline anymore. It cost about the same for my husband and me to have cellphones with a family plan and shared minutes as it did to have our landline, so we went with the cells, so he can call me and tell me if he's stuck in traffic on the way to pick me up, or vice versa. It's also saved money. We call each other before making a purchase that involves the other person, instead of using ESP, which has proved unreliable. Most of all, I can retrieve and return messages as I get a chance during the day. I hate coming home to a bunch of messages. Oh, and no more waiting for friends, wondering if they're stuck in traffic or if SOMETHING HAPPENED. We did plenty of this when we all converged from various parts of the country before most of us had cellphones. I love cellphones.

I want my cellphone to do the following things:

1.Make and receive calls. Actually, I don't like phonecalls and try to avoid them, but I want the thing to be able to do them.

2. Store contact information. The downside to this is that I don't even remember my husband's number by heart, but if I need to call the doctor in the middle of a workday or something, it's invaluable.

3. Caller ID and call history have proved very useful

4. Alarm clock. It's ten times better and more useful than my old regular alarm and not nearly as complicated as the new generation of alarms. It's just right and, of course, it's a travel alarm, too.

All the other functions, I can do without, although other people might feel differently. Apparently not as many other people as the manufacturers thought, though.
Zenyenta (and Dusty too, I suppose), don't get me wrong. The Frogette and I got rid of our landlines years ago and are entirely cell now, but what CNET was pointing out and that I agree with is that adding more gimicks, frills, and useless gadgetry to cell phones is apparently not catching with the public.

My own experience is that aside from making calls, storing contact information, the alarm feature (that you rightly pointed out), and voice-mail I don't much else from a cell. I'd frankly like other features from more appropriate gadgets.
Oh, me too. I would probably like some of those extra features, though, if it didn't cost extra, but it does. I wouldn't mind being able to check e-mail but I'm not paying for it. Also, I don't think I'll ever get good at using the keypad to type things. I'd actually like to use my phone's memo feature, but I think I'm too old to learn to type in T9 and anything else takes too long.
Yes, I also don't have a land lien - strictly cell phone only. Mine it pretty basic. Like you, I want it to send and receive calls, store contact information and voicemail. Although I will admit to using text message in before - maybe 10 times in all. It was a novelty. I can certainly see it coming in handy if one of the parties can't talk (i.e. conference or movie, etc), but you need to communicate something.
What I love is the dude on Muni playing tetris on the underground, plugged into an ipod of some variety, with sunglasses on...and then you bump into him and he gets all bent out of shape even though it's rush hour and the train is packed like lemmings into shinny metal boxes becuase you fucked up his game.

One pop, if I could only let one go, it's be on this dude...but I never advocate violence as a solution.
One pop, if I could only let one go, it's be on this dude...but I never advocate violence as a solution.

I think the bumping him and screwing up his game is enough. Don't try to tell me that was just some accident...
Use a cell phone, go to jail. It's not the law...just a good idea. ;-)

And the thing I find hilarious about the picture-taking capability is that it's basically a tool designed exclusively for voyeurs.
I'm with you on everything but the text messages. I do like to be in the middle of a store at get a message from my oldest friend that goes something like, "I work w Aholes." Makes my day.
No one has mentioned that texting is also a good way to communicate with someone without interrupting them. It is very useful when you are trying to contact one of "those" people who are always doing something "important."

I finally got a camera on my new phone becuase it is now a free feature. People were paying upwards of $500 for that feature less than two years ago. Now THAT is stupid.
JuBlu, my problem is that I'm so fumble-fingered I can't test worth a damn.

Praguetwin, cameras...blah! I've got a digital for that, but I don't take pictures with my phone.

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